6 Good Ways To Prevent Back Pain

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Back pain is something that many people will experience during their lifetimes. The majority of these cases are “lumbar” or lower back issues and they range from mild to severe discomfort. It’s no surprise that people suffer in this way, as their bodies experience daily wear and tear – and as they get older. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help prevent this issue, and this article will discuss six of them right now.

Sit In A Decent Chair

If you’re sitting on a chair with no support or that has an uncomfortable surface, your body will be forced into positions it doesn’t want to hold, and this will lead to unnecessary aches and pains. You should be looking to spend some money on comfortable seating that is designed with ergonomics in mind. This will ensure that your body is resting in the best way possible – and you’ll notice a difference right away.

Gaming Chairs

Modern gaming can involve people playing online for literally hours at a time without breaks. Just as there is the technology for enhancing the lighting, keyboards, and consoles, it’s possible to buy special gaming chairs. Many people go online to buy Secretlab Softweave chairs that come in three sizes and have 3D-adjustable lumbar support. People also regularly read online about the warranties and magnetic memory foam headrests.

Use A Quality Mattress

A comfortable mattress will not only help your overall health but will ensure you wake up feeling rested and refreshed each morning. Poor quality or worn-out versions can lead to serious neck, shoulder, and low back pain, leading to expensive medical treatments.

If possible, test multiple mattresses (for at least five minutes each) before choosing one. Memory foam mattresses are great for providing pressure point relief, thus helping to reduce lower back pain. It’s possible to buy orthopedic mattresses that are specially designed to provide back support and that even help reduce snoring. It’s an individual thing, however, so don’t just buy one because it says ‘orthopedic’ on the label. If you can, avoid sleeping on your stomach or side because it puts pressure on the spine that can lead to back pain.

Watch Your Posture

If you constantly find yourself in a position where your spine and neck are not lined up correctly, it will put unnecessary stress on these areas. You should try to sit with perfect posture when at work or watching television, and don’t slouch over your computer screen either.

Make sure that you avoid sitting in any one position for too long, and this goes for standing positions too. It’s important to regularly move around and adjust your body position so that there is no strain on one particular area of your body.

Be Careful How You Lift Things

This is another area to be mindful of because this can cause a lot of pressure on the spine and neck. Try to bend your knees when you are picking something off the ground, instead of going from a standing position. Also be mindful of your posture when sitting, standing up or walking. Wear high heels with caution – they can cause all sorts of problems for your feet and spine as well as make it more difficult to walk. Use the correct tools when doing any home improvement projects or gardening outside.

Don’t lift anything too heavy (especially if you are in pain) because this would put unnecessary strain on your back and potentially cause muscle or disc problems. Avoid carrying large items in one hand (e.g. bags); carry them with both hands instead. Don’t carry groceries up multiple flights of stairs unless absolutely necessary; use an elevator wherever possible.

Exercise Regularly And Stretch


Take regular exercise to strengthen your core and back muscles, and to prevent back pain. This could include aerobic workouts, weight training and exercise ball activities. You could also try pilates to improve your flexibility and balance, and help you avoid painful injuries.

Gym workouts can also help you lose weight. This in turn will reduce the strain on your spine and improve your posture. If you’re not already exercising regularly, speak to an instructor at your local gym about how they could tailor a program for you to suit your needs. It’s also important to first speak to a doctor, especially if you have a medical condition or haven’t taken regular exercise for some while.

Stretching Exercises

It’s all too easy to sit down for hours at a time, especially when you’re working or studying. You need to get up every thirty minutes to move around. This is valuable, even if it’s only walking across the room and stretching out tight muscles for a few minutes.

You should always perform stretching exercises before and after your regular exercise routine. Here is an example stretching exercise: While sitting, keep your feet flat on the floor and raise one leg up to stretch. Put a hand underneath your knee to support it if necessary. Hold for thirty seconds before switching legs.

Check Your Workstation

During the global pandemic, many people were forced to work from home and make do with whatever furniture they owned. As a result, people were leaning over kitchen or bedside tables to do office work. If the chairs and tables are at the wrong height, back pain is inevitable. Wherever possible, use professional office equipment.

If you find yourself having muscle spasms even after using standard office chairs, there are ergonomically designed alternatives available. When buying new office chairs make sure they have all the necessary features for good posture: adjustable arms (if needed), lumbar support and headrests. Check that your mouse and keyboard are in the right places too (including height-wise), as they can also cause medical issues.

These have been some major ways you can protect your health, and more specifically your back. Don’t forget to eat well also, as things like calcium can be great for your bones. If you put these tips into practice, you’ll be feeling better than ever, and be protecting your back in the process.

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