In The Age of Dating Apps Are Blind Dates Even Realistic Anymore?

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Blind dates reached their peak in the mid-90s as people desperately sought to break out of their traditional dating habits to meet someone through a friend or relative. The concept was simple: people would go out on a date with someone they never met before, and if there was good chemistry there would certainly be a date number two. In many ways, this form of romance is similar to online dating in the sense that two people can start interacting and measuring each other up without knowing about them beforehand. Although some people are put off about the idea of finding love online, millions of folks have embraced the idea. But in this day and age, do old school blind dates still have a place in the dating game? 

People Want Romance Now

To put it simply, old school blind dating doesn’t really serve much purpose in the modern world anymore. Most app-based dating options are basically “blind” in a way. But what is it that people want from blind dates really? Part of it is a match that happens quickly. Websites provide users with the chance to meet and date as many people as their schedule allows without the need for a personal intermediary. When a person signs up on a dating site, the potential matches are all strangers, and the connections are determined by AI algorithms. That’s the beauty of Quickflirt – when you entrust your love life to digital algorithms on this dating site, you are set up with a person you don’t know, and chances are the matches will be stronger than most. The desire for online dating increases as people get older and feel the need to find love or a romantic partner with whom to grow. The feeling of a temporal Doppler effect has been documented in the past, so people want the chance to meet someone soon rather than building up to the day of a date. However, dating sites help people find romance a lot quicker than blind dating outcomes. Nobody has a friend waiting in the wings to take you out on a date these days. Even if they did, most people would probably (wisely) turn down such a date. 

Dating Services Provide the Thrill of Blind Dates

Another reason that people enjoy blind dates, and something else that dating sites provide better outcomes for, is the thrill of meeting someone new. When you are around someone at work for 40 hours a week, you get to know them pretty well. That makes for a boring date, right? You already know their habits, their past— all the good and the bad. However, when you begin going out with that kind of person, you’re not going to learn anything new, so there is no thrill. Blind encounters let you meet someone that you know nothing about, and that can let you try new things. That being the case, you get the same experience but more in-depth on an online matchmaking service. The fact is that you may utilize it to meet dozens of different people in chat rooms, through private messages, and other communication types. You can meet people of all races, people with every predilection and desire, and individuals from all over the world. There is no sort of thrill from blind dating that you can’t get from online matchmaking. 

Dating Sites Increase the Probability of Success

The reason that so many people put up with the insufferable concept of blind matchmaking is that their friend genuinely believes they have found a good match for their loved one. The problem with that is most people have no idea what the person they’re proposing for dates is really like. As such, that might drop the chance of success by a substantial amount. Online services, though, let you meet brand-new people from parts of the world from which you may have never visited, but you can still use the search feature of a dating site to ensure that someone has the similar outlook on romance and intimate desires as you. In other words, you get the unfamiliarity that you want from blind dates without having too many questionable factors that could lead to a failed interaction. 

The question that we posed at the beginning of the article was whether or not blind dating is something that people should still be involved with these days. The answer is yes and no. Basically, online dating has usurped the position of meeting someone in the blind in society’s view through the use of new technology and increased social trust. Having a relationship online is fun and interesting, and dating online can still be filled with the thrill that drives so many people into trying the outcome. Think of online matchmaking sites as the next generation of blind dating, only this time you won’t have your mom telling you to date the neighbor’s son that is much older than you and has questionable hygiene!



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