Take These 7 Steps To Increase Your Chances Of Winning Your Motorcycle Accident Case

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Motorcycle riders have a high chance of getting involved in a road accident and getting injured. That’s more reason you should be strict in wearing protective gear when you’re riding on that scooter or your Harley. Unlike a car accident, when you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you are likely to sustain life-threatening injuries that could either be temporary or permanent. Such injuries could also make you rake up medical expenses.

If you can seek compensation for the motorcycle accident either from the product manufacturer, your insurance company, or the at-fault party, follow the highlighted steps below to boost your chances of getting compensated.

Seek Urgent Medical Attention

Only when you are alive and recuperating will you be able to file a compensation claim for the accident, so make it a point to seek medical attention immediately. After getting knocked down from your bike or surviving a tumble, access your injuries, then make a 911 call for an ambulance service while informing the dispatcher of the body parts where you have sustained injuries. 

When you seek medical help, you can be fully diagnosed for any injuries, internal and external, have a clinical record for your treatment process, and get professional recommendations for rehabilitation. 

However, getting to see a doctor immediately after the accident will show a chronology of events that happened after the incident and gives you an airtight case when you file for compensation because when you wait for days to get treated after an accident, the insurance company might use it against you during the claim investigation process. That is because your medical history comes in handy as evidence when filing for compensation. 

Call The Police

When placing your 911 call, request for a police cruiser at the scene of the accident, or in cases where you have left the stage, report the accident to the police within 1-2 days so that they can investigate and prepare an accident report. The police must investigate accident scenes, interview victims and eyewitnesses to determine how the accident occurred and who is at fault. 

The police prepare a report after gathering all the facts. Also, the police report is one of the primary documents that can help you win a compensation claim case if the police’s conclusion on the accident favors you.

Talk to a Lawyer

Talking to a lawyer can help you make sense of how to go about seeking compensation for the motorcycle accident. In a situation where the accident occurred in Texas, then you should consult a Houston motorcycle accident lawyer for a consultation on how to determine your claim, file your charges and help you negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. The compensation claim process can be draining and frustrating, so you need a lawyer for the heavy lifting and professional guidance. 

It is advisable that if you want your case to get urgent attention, you need to hire a lawyer as many insurance companies don’t usually take claimants without legal representation seriously and push their files to the bottom of the pile. 

Take Photos of The Incident And Your Injuries

After your accident, when you can, try to take pictures as it will be in your best interest to gather evidence. Use your phone to take snapshots of your injuries, the motorcycle, and other vehicles involved in the accident. You can ask an eyewitness at the scene to help you do this if you cannot manage to do so. 

These pictures will come in handy to determine the post-accident situation and make good evidence when you file for your insurance claim. These pictures could help you win the case, especially when the claim becomes a court case with juries deciding the facts of the accident.

Exchange Information With The Other Drivers

This is one thing that most accident victims usually forget, taking the other party’s information, including their insurer. If the evidence shows the other victim of the accident is the at-fault party, you need to track them down and inform their insurance company, but this can only happen when you have the information. You will not lose the compensation claim case even before it starts when you have the correct information for the at-fault party and their insurer.

Also, it is imperative that you have the right contact to forward your claims to after the documents have been prepared or this will make the process more cumbersome like trying to find a hit and run driver. 

Call The Insurance Company

This is a make or mar point. Many accident victims have lost the right to file for compensation because they didn’t meet the specified deadline for informing insurers about an accident. To avoid being another statistic, notify your insurance company within 24 hours of the incident. When you have all the facts right, let your lawyer inform the at-fault party’s insurance company that they are liable to make compensation for an accident caused by their client.

Also, you need to reach out to your own insurance company after an accident to know if your package will cover your medical expenses or you need to look for a new means to cater for the bills.

File Your Compensation Claim Immediately

Many states have statues of limitations on filing for compensation claims, so why should you wait for years before filing a compensation claim? When the investigation proves the cause of the accident and the at-fault party in the incident, then go ahead and secure a lawyer to help you with the valuation for your claims and damages incurred, economic and non-economic. 

When you have gathered all the requisite evidence, file your claim immediately, it shows the insurer that you’re ready, which could help your case move along swiftly. Compensation claims need to be investigated, requiring months or years of waiting period, the earlier you file your claim, the better for you.

To win your compensation claim or boost your chances, you need to religiously follow the steps mentioned above.

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