5 Things That Will Happen To Your Body From Going on The Keto Diet

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Everyone’s promoting the ketogenic diet nowadays. However, if you’re thinking of trying this diet, you should also learn as much as you can about the diet’s potential consequences before deciding if it’s appropriate for you. 

What Keto Diet Does To The Body 

With the rise of the keto diet, many restaurants and shops, such as Proper Good, are now offering convenient and ready-to-eat keto meals. These products are best for busy people who want something that will make it a little easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, before trying this diet trend, it’s best to know how it works. 

The keto diet trains the body to burn fat instead of carbs for fuel. Usually, this will leave you feeling uncomfortable at first while your system adapts. Naturally, your body gets its power from glucose, a type of sugar found in a lot of carbohydrate-rich food. If you consume more sugar than your system requires, the extra glucose is converted to fat, causing weight gain. 

The foundation of the keto diet is entirely based on the process of consuming just enough carbs to let your system burn more fat. When this occurs, your system will seek other energy sources, burning stored fat and converting it to ketones through ketogenesis. After your system starts this cycle of using fat and generating ketones for fuel, you’ll reach a level of ketosis, hence, the diet’s name. 

Effects Of Keto Diet 

Keto dieters are well aware of how difficult it is to maintain a low-carbohydrate diet. Nevertheless, they also think that the health advantages exceed the inconvenience of getting on this diet. But, there are also inevitable adverse consequences that every prospective keto dieter should anticipate. 

Here’s a list of possible positive and negative effects of the keto diet:

Rapid Weight Loss 

The potential of rapid weight reduction is among the main reasons individuals are intrigued by the keto diet. The ketogenic diet is well-known for its immediate and dramatic fat burning. However, there are both positive and negative aspects to weight reduction. 

Weight loss is motivational and helps individuals gain confidence in their diet, although it’s primarily water weight. When weight reduction plateaus, it’s common for individuals to lose hope and abandon the diet. A weight loss halt is among the most common reasons individuals leave the keto diet. 

To maintain healthy weight loss on a keto diet, ensure that you consume at minimum the number of calories your system requires. Caloric requirements vary according to age, gender, and degree of exercise. 

Insulin Sensitivity May Improve 

Because you’re prohibited from eating sugary or carbohydrate-containing meals while on the keto diet, your blood glucose levels may increase more slowly. This is helpful for individuals who suffer from blood sugar problems or diabetes since it helps improve insulin resistance.  

However, don’t start the keto diet blindly, especially if you have diabetes. Consult your physician before doing any diet. 

Keto Flu 

If you’re exploring the keto diet, you’re certainly familiar with the awful keto flu. You may suffer from carbohydrate depletion in the first few days of following the diet. Many individuals also suffer from brain fog during this period. This happens as the body responds to a shifting fuel source. The rapid depletion of carbohydrates may also cause a diuretic effect on the body.

These problems are usually simple to resolve. All you have to do is start consuming more sodium and potassium. Drinking plenty of water also helps.

Changes To The Urine 

While on the keto diet, you may pee more often and notice a difference in the color of your urine. This may be caused by your body holding lesser water than average or expelling ketones, among several other reasons. 

When the body doesn’t use any sugar for energy, it turns to the liver. The liver stores glycogen (a form of carbohydrates) and three times the weight in water. The water weight is then released when the system burns up its glycogen reserves. 

Keto Rash 

Keto rash is a lesser-known keto-related adverse effect that may occur. Although this is a rare symptom, it may be an indication of vitamin deficiency. The rash is characterized by elevated red skin conditions. They may also be bright pink or brownish. 

The rash may also be irritating and unpleasant, but it’s not harmful. Those who suffer from this may consume a wider variety of food items. They may also take multivitamins. Consult a physician if the problem continues. 


Individuals interested in beginning the keto diet must contact a physician and report any existing health problem to confirm that the ketogenic diet is a suitable eating plan. If it’s appropriate for you, it may offer significant advantages when followed properly. However, don’t begin a ketogenic diet or any type of diet without first consulting a physician or a certified dietitian.



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