Unconventional Way To Improve Your Body

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In the day and age that we are in, the search for ways to improve ourselves is constant from strict diets to complicated exercise routines that we discover every day, 

That is why when the unicycle was invented, it wasn’t long before people saw it as an unconventional way to improve your body.

#1 Improve your Mental Acuity

You might wonder how a physical activity such as riding a unicycle can make your mind sharper. However, not many people know that this provides many benefits. Especially when it comes to improving your mental acuity. 

One example would be improving our ability to focus or direct our attention to something. 

Riding a unicycle can require a lot of concentration when you’re trying to balance yourself with just one wheel. 

That is why one of the benefits that this activity can give you is the improvement of your ability to direct your attention to something. 

Riding a unicycle regularly also helps with memory. Every time that you ride, you’re forcing yourself to remember how your muscles work together in order to balance yourself. 

Mental Acuity is also known to improve with consistent exercise. It gives your mind a break from daily tasks that often cause burnout. 

Exercise also releases endorphins which are healthy for your brain in the long run. Lastly, riding a unicycle can improve your coordination skills. 

With the improvement of your coordination skills, your brain can get stimulated especially when you multitask and use lots of energy for coordination. 

#2 Improve your Core

There is no doubt that riding a unicycle can be a good exercise for you. From one session, you can burn 300 up to 450 calories depending on your weight. Since riding a unicycle can increase your heart rate, you will definitely have a healthier heart and a better physique. 

Just like your favorite core exercises like the plank, sit-ups, and leg raises, riding a unicycle can be extremely beneficial to your core as compared to your regular bicycle. This is because a unicycle requires more of your strength to balance yourself since it only has one wheel instead of two or more. 

Balancing, whether you’re riding a unicycle or balancing on one foot, focuses your strength on your core in order to keep balanced. 

That is why riding a unicycle is much more draining for your core. In addition to that, you are balancing yourself on a much thinner and smaller surface than your foot. 

#3 Improve Your Balancing Motor Skills

It’s a no-brainer how riding a unicycle can improve your balance. Something so simple as balancing yourself can be uninteresting for some. However, improving your balancing motor skills can make your life better because it can prevent accidents and physical injuries. 

Since most of our activities every single day can require us to balance ourselves, such as standing up and walking, it wouldn’t hurt to do some physical activities that can further improve our balance. 

First of all, it can improve your posture which can also mean better balance for your body when you walk or run. 

Also, with good posture, you have a better way of presenting yourself to others which is a major plus. It also improves the coordination between your muscles and joints which makes your balance even better especially when you’re moving and doing other activities at the same time. 

Another way how riding a unicycle can help with your balance is by improving your body awareness. 

Body awareness improves immensely with a unicycle because you’re using parts of your body that you’ve never used in your entire life. Unicycling is in no doubt a great way to train your balance.


The Unconventionality of a Unicycle

It’s not every day that you see someone riding a unicycle. That is why this activity, when compared to other ones that also improves your body, is unconventional.

Unicycles can be very challenging to get started with so any alternative to all of this could be electric unicycles. Make sure that you place safety as number #1 if you consider this route. (See more here)

However, with the benefits that riding a unicycle can give you, its unconventionality can make it worth your while. Plus, you can have lots of fun while doing it!



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