Gel Ball: What Is It And Why You Should Try It Out Too

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People with friends who are sporting enthusiasts are probably wondering why Gel Ball has been exciting them so much lately.  When you’re done reading this article you’re likely to be excited by it too. Why? Because it’s only the latest, shooting course game to come down the pipeline in recent years.

Fans of Airsoft and Paintball are going to be particularly pleased with the rising popularity of Gel Ball, as it affords them the opportunity to participate in a similar game without legal consequences. Those worried about paint markers and plastic pellets stinging and marking their skin on impact will also be happier. Gel balls are water pellets, similar to the orbeez found in flower vases, which break apart on impact. But maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves here. 

What is a Gel Ball?

Gel Ball is a team sport played with a gel blaster gun with gel balls used as projectiles. The purpose of the game is to tag as many of the opposing teams’ members with the gel balls. It’s a test of athletic skill and marksmanship and allows for the building of camaraderie.

Well that’s just a bunch of people running around shooting at each, what’s so fun about that you might ask. Lots of people will tell you there’s plenty. Memberships to Gel Ball clubs and courses have been increasing steadily over the past year. Whole families spend the day playing Gel Ball. Teams of friends, whether from work, or school flock to the ranges to test their skill against each and earn bragging rights.

Players run the gamut, from 10 year old school girls to 70 year old grandfathers all of whom get something different out of the activity.

Benefits of playing Gel Ball

Widen social circle

Make new friends and strengthen your relationships with the friends you already have with a Gel Ball session. If you have friends who already play, half your legwork is done. They’ll help you get everything you’ll need.

What do you need? You’ll have to get a gel blaster. You can’t go wrong with where you can purchase your first. You’ll also need gel balls. Can’t have a Gel Ball session without those. You’ll also need protective gear as well as accessories for your blaster.

Once you’ve got the equipment, get yourself to a gel ball course and be prepared for the good times to come. You’ll be sure to meet lots of like minded people from all walks of life, who’ll be happy to get to know you better and share their enthusiasm for Gel Ball with you.

Get physical fitter

Not pleased about your weight? Find yourself breathless after a short jaunt up the stairs? Playing Gel Ball can help you fix all of that. The sport requires the skill to evade opposing team members and not get tagged in the process. This will be physically demanding, requiring running, jumping, bending, squatting, maybe even some crawling. Watch your body and your overall fitness level increase after just a few sessions.

Become mentally tough

The advantages of being a Gel Ball player aren’t limited to improved physical fitness. This is a game requiring engagement of your mental faculties to avoid the opposing team. Playing Gel Ball will improve your ability to anticipate your opponent’s actions and to strategize to catch them out. 

This is a skill that’s immediately applicable to other areas of your life. Your ability to plan and organise will see almost immediate improvement. You’ll find it easier to achieve goals. 

Improve your coordination

Do you think of yourself as a little “klutzy”? You might benefit from a few sessions of Gel Ball. Accurately tagging your opponents will involve some serious hand to eye coordination. Your coordination will have no choice but to improve to meet the demands of the game.

The fortunate spin off here is that your overall coordination will improve as well.

Improve social skills

Now that you’re playing Gel Ball and meeting lots of people, it’s inevitable that you’ll get better at small talk and interpersonal interactions. Talking to new people won’t cause your heart to race and your palms to become sweaty as it might have in the past.

That’s because you would have had opportunities to practice with your Gel Ball colleagues in less high pressure, high stakes circumstances. You’ll see that getting to know others isn’t as nerve wracking as you thought.

Raise your confidence levels

Now that you’re a social butterfly and people are responding positively to you, it will raise your confidence as a result.

But this is not the only way Gel Ball will do that. When you develop the skills to win at the game and begin to rack up victories, your confidence will soar here too. Your friends and family may be the first to notice this “new” you who is more assertive. They may begin to notice at work too as you begin to take on new projects, where before you wouldn’t have volunteered.

Allows you to become an action hero for few hours

If you’re a fan of action movies, fantasy, sci-fi, take the opportunity to engage in some cosplay and become your favourite 

character on a Gel Ball course.

The thing with action movies is that they give you the opportunity to escape the ordinary for a while and give you a glimpse into a fast paced, adventure filled life. Were you to actually live that lifestyle  you’d be exposed to the greatest danger and death.

Gel Ball will have your heart racing and your blood pumping as you work along with your team to decimate your opposition. You’ll have the feeling of being in an action movie without exposure to actual danger.

Improves your ability to work as part of a team

Perhaps you’re seen as a bit of an odd man out at work because you avoid group projects. In Gel Ball, you’ll have no choice but to work as part of a team, if you’re to be successful at beating your opponents.

It will translate into better relations with your work peers.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? With Gel Ball, you have all of this to gain and nothing to lose. This is reason enough to give it a try. You’ll never know what can happen.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels



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