How Instagram ‘Follower Count’ Influences Your Business Image and Sales

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Instagram is one of the most dynamic social media applications that exists today. People from all over the world and all walks of life log on to post pictures of their cats, their recent travels, and their business ventures. As a business owner, it’s important to have an active Instagram account and a follower count that reflects that. There are many easy, sure-fire ways to gain cheap Instagram followers online to boost a business image and sales by leveraging the power of social proof in digital marketing.

How Instagram Affects Business 

All major brands and businesses have Instagram. According to Statista, Instagram is second in ranking when it comes to marketing. That’s because Instagram is very visual. If someone sees something they want, they are going to buy it. Instagram draws the eyes in.

Why Followers are Important 

Followers are necessary for businesses on social media because they see what is being marketed. They are the people who are going to like and share the posts a business makes. Additionally, Instagram only posts pictures to people who follow them. Users can search through a feed full of images in their free time, but for the most part, they stick to the people they follow. Businesses need a large following, so someone actually sees and talks about what they post. 

Some ways a business can lure in more followers is by: 

  1. Using hashtags. Many people follow specific hashtags they like. Hashtags like “#womencrushwednesday” and “#instagood” are popular because people like and follow them. In order to gain more followers, a business can use popular hashtags to get their posts seen. If a user likes it, they’ll likely put in a follower. 
  2. Follower Interaction. Businesses can tag their followers in posts or ask them questions. They can even host contests that, in order to enter, a follower has to tag three friends.
  3. Suggest Following Elsewhere. If a company has an in-person shop, they should be sure to notify customers that they have an IG account they should follow. If they do, they could get a 10% coupon of some other promotional item. If the business is completely online, market it on other social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure the same followers follow said company on each platform. 

These tips and tricks will help a business gain more followers. 

How Followers Help the Business 

Marketing is all about word of mouth. If the business’s followers like pictures, they’ll share them with their friends, who won’t just become followers; they’ll become customers. The more pictures are liked and shared, the more a business is going to thrive and become popular. A local business can survive on the sales of local people. However, they’re going to get better traction and money if they can expand to other parts of the country and maybe other parts of the world. Followers help companies and their sales. 

How Instagram Affects Business Sales 

Some people have a business and use Instagram as a way of marketing it. Others work exclusively through IG. Facebook has found that customers warm up to business simply for being on Instagram. The act of creating an account is enough to prove that the business is trying to stay up to date on everyday culture, thus impressing potential customers. This is called the Halo Effect. By having an Instagram, companies are dubbed “popular,” “creative,” “relevant”, and “entertaining.” In other words, if a user sees a business they like is on IG, they’re more apt to buy from it. 

Why Instagram Followers Matter with Sales 

People like what other people like. If a business has 10,000 Instagram followers, others are going to follow suit because it’s popular. And if a business has multiple followers, their sales are going to go up. Think of it this way. A follower is a shopper in the store; they haven’t bought anything yet, but they’re taking the time to look around and browse. Even if they don’t buy something this time around, the store is in their head. They’ll come back. 

What people say about a brand is important, too. The same is true of an IG account, as found by Linkfluence. People talk and share details of their life. They let one another know when a cool ad or picture popped up on their Instagram. More importantly, followers aren’t just customers; they are a marketing team. They are going to get the word out about new hip trends. If the business creates its own hashtag, followers are the people who will spread it. The more followers a business has the more customers and the more sales they have. 

Best of all, a link to the store or company website can be included on the Instagram page. Anyone who so much as considers following the business account will come face to face with that link. If they’re interested in the product, they’ll click it. 

Instagram is all about the Followers 

All in all, Instagram is not about the business; it’s about the followers. Followers are what keep the site active and interesting. They’re the ones who like the pictures and videos. They are the ones that spread the information and pictures from the USA to China. Without them, IG would be lost, and so would all the businesses on the app. Followers are essential to businesses because they help sales, and they encourage customers (and other followers) to do the same. They are what keeps all businesses and brands alive on Instagram. 

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