How To Tweak Your Pet’s Diet To Improve Their Health And Happiness

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We all love our furry four-legged friends to no end and would do anything to keep them happy and healthy. However, understanding how your dog or cat feels is a skill that has to be mastered and only comes with time. A dog that wags its tail and runs to the door to greet you every time you show up is clearly a dog that is well-loved and receives sufficient attention. On the other hand, a cat that walks up to you and rubs itself against your leg is one that accepts you. However, it does not necessarily imply that they are healthy or happy.

To understand how happy they are and how they truly feel, you need to have the ability to understand their body language. The health of your pet and its happiness quotient depends a lot on its diet and that is something you can easily monitor and control. Dogs are not very gifted in the art of self-control. 

They fail to realize how much they should eat. Feeding your dog too much, even if it is a nutritious and healthy food, can lead to excessive weight gain which can, in turn, put stress on their legs. Too little, and your dog might not have enough energy. On the other hand, while your cat might be better at deciding how much it should eat, you still need to cater to its requirements. Read on to find out how you can ensure the health and happiness of your pets by tweaking their diets.

Identifying If Your Pet Is Healthy

To understand if your pet is happy and healthy you need to look out for certain signs. The most basic sign of a happy dog is a waggy tail. In addition to that, there are other cues that you can look out for, like floppy ears and a relaxed stance. A happy and healthy dog would be playful. It would often walk up to you and lean into you. It would be exciting simply at the mention of a walk. Your dog not getting excited about its walk is definitely a sign that you should look out for. It could often indicate some form of health issue or body pain.

When it comes to cats, the indicators are completely different. Cats are more vocal than dogs. They certainly are not as loud, but they definitely express themselves more often. Vocal cats are happy cats. If they talk to you often, it is a definite sign of your cat being reasonably content and happy. Cats, specifically those that feel comfortable in their environment will often take naps in social areas. They can also be quite playful when they are in good spirits. Unlike dogs, cats like to keep themselves clean and well-groomed. To be sure that your pet is healthy, you might also want to take him/her to a vet. Consider getting pet insurance before you do that in order to save your money (for more detailed info on this check Pumpkin Pet Insurance). Visit Fursure – a pet insurance comparison website that helps you save money when it comes to getting insurance for your pet.

Tweaking Your Pets’ Diet To Ensure Their Health And Happiness

Your pets’ health and happiness are interlinked and depend a lot on their diet and the amount of exercise that they get. Here are a few things you can do to ensure that they remain satisfied with their diet.

Provide Them With The Right Calorie Intake

Just like you watch your own calorie intake, you need to watch your pet’s calorie intake as well. It doesn’t have to be very precise and in any case, it varies from one day to the next, but you do need to ensure that you provide them with roughly the right amount of calories. The calorie intake of your pet would depend on a lot of factors, including its size and weight. Cats generally require a lower amount of calories than dogs. An average cat weighing roughly five kilograms would require around 200 calories a day, on the other hand, the calorie requirements of an average dog weighing roughly 25 kilograms can go all the way up to 900 calories a day. Larger dogs would require even more calories. Your vet should be able to guide you in this regard.

Purchase Quality Food

Caring for a pet can prove to be quite expensive. However, despite all the bills that you need to foot, one area that you must not skimp on is the food that you purchase for your four-legged friend. Providing your pet with high-quality food will help ensure that they receive the right nutrition, making sure that they remain happy and healthy. The pet nutritionists at suggest using fish oil supplements for cats and vitamin supplements for dogs. These supplements help avoid common issues that are often observed in pets, like a weak hip in dogs. Including supplements such as these can help cater to any specific needs that your pet may have.

Include Grains And Fresh Food In Their Diet

While food that you purchase for your pets is specially formulated to meet their dietary needs, it is always good to include grains and fresh food in their diet as well. This helps break the monotony of their food and keep them happy. In addition, grains and fibers are great for your dogs and promote digestive health. These can also help your pets sustain their energy throughout the day. Adding fresh whole food to your dog’s diet like vegetables and fruits can boost their health. There are, however, a few foods that must be avoided when it comes to pets. For example, nuts are not good for dogs and grapes can even be toxic. So make sure you do your research.

A pet can bring a lot of joy to your life and by putting in a little effort, you can do the same for them. Ensuring a well-balanced diet for your pets is extremely important and plays an important role in their health and happiness. You should not just ensure the right quantity of food but should also make sure that your pet gets the nutrition it requires. Understanding your pet’s nutrition requirement takes a little time and experience, and it is always a good idea to consult a vet if you are not certain.

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