Juggling Finances and Healthcare? A How-To Guide for Both

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Healthcare can be very expensive. The latest estimates suggest that your standard Medicare plan can cost up to $200 per month for simple basic coverage. If you need an operation or a consultation, these costs will continue to rise. So how can you make sure that you are fully covered and that it won’t cost you the world? Here are a few handy tips to help you decide which policies are right for you and how to make sure you don’t end up bankrupt.  

Costs and Plans

Medicare is divided into parts. PART A pays for hospital services though it is free if you or your spouse have paid into Medicare for at least 10 years. PART B covers things like outpatient services and doctor visits which cost around $145 per month in 2020. PART D covers prescription drugs and can vary in cost depending on which plan you choose. The basic cost is $30 a month. However, deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs are still out there. 

Medicare coverage gaps

Medicare supplement providers are there to cover any gaps in the standard Medicare policy. They are offered by private insurance companies to help cover the cost of any other deductibles or co-payments. There are more options for the Medigap plan than the standard Medicare plan. Medigap covers policies A to N. Each policy that goes by the same letter must do the same benefits but may vary in cost. 

PLAN F is currently the most popular plan as it offers the most comprehensive coverage but has recently been denied to new enrollees. The closest plan to F for new enrolees is PLAN G which does exactly the same apart from Part B now being a deductible. This is definitely one to consider. 

Consider an all-in-one plan

You can choose to sign up for parts A, B, and D plus a supplemented Medigap policy. However, some options cover everything through Medicare Advantage. It has a monthly cost but you also have to pay a premium for Part B coverage. They often have lower premiums but are more restrictive in their coverage than the traditional plan. This is why sicker people often choose to go through the traditional route rather than the Medicare Advantage package. 

When to sign up

If you are taking Social Security benefits, then you are already enrolled in Parts A and B. Though you do have an option to cancel Part B if you don’t want it as it does present a monthly cost. If you do decide to keep it then the cost will be deducted from your social security. If you haven’t started Social security, then you will need to sign up yourself for parts A and B. Check whether your employer offers health insurance as well because they may be able to help as well. 


Making sure you have enough money for your Medicare plan can be tricky. Costs can come from everywhere, so it is worth doing the research. Look at what plan suits your needs and see if your employers can help you with it. 

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