7 Great Hobbies for the Whole Family to Enjoy

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Spending quality time together as a family is so important, even more so at the moment with the ongoing coronavirus situation. While a lot of us are spending time with our families, it seems to be the same old routine with basic day to day activities again and again. This is why your family needs to take up a hobby so that you can break free from the mundane routines you have fallen into. Here are 7 great hobbies for the whole family to enjoy.


Stargazing is a great hobby for all the family to enjoy and not only is it educational but it is exciting too. To get this hobby going you should consider buying astrophotography telescopes to ensure you can explore all of the wonders of the night-time sky. Make an evening out of it, and take the family somewhere up high and away from light pollution. Bring blankets, pillows, hot water bottles and most importantly bring lots of hot chocolate and marshmallows to enjoy throughout the evening. The best time to do stargazing is right before the full moon, so you can make the event a fairly frequent thing and it will always be different as constellations are continuously changing.


Scrapbooking is a great hobby to get the whole family to enjoy. Imagine yourselves on a rainy weekend where there is nothing to do and the kids are getting antsy. Well, now you have the perfect activity to keep everyone entertained and happy. Scrapbooking is the perfect way to document the time you share as a family, so next time you go out as a family or do something special make sure you take plenty of snaps to use in your next scrapbooking session. Allow the kids to get creative with it using different materials, coloured papers and pens so that they can create something they are genuinely proud of. Not only is this a fun and expensive hobby for families, but it is also a great way for the family to bond and have something that you can keep and treasure forever.


Another great option for families is to try their hand at yoga. There is a multitude of benefits associated with yoga for both physical and mental wellbeing. It is a calming and relaxing hobby that makes it the perfect active hobby. All you will need is a yoga mat and you are set to go! If you are not sure where to begin then turn your attention to the internet as there are thousands of tutorials and resources available that are family-friendly specific. One well-renowned option for families is Cosmic Kids Yoga as they are a fun and imaginative channel that helps to teach children yoga while also keeping them entertained. On the channel, you can even find yoga sessions that use themes from popular children’s TV shows. While yoga can take some time to master, it is a highly rewarding hobby and this makes it even more worth doing with the family as you can all progress and enjoy together.

Cooking and Baking

When the pandemic took a turn for the worst early on in 2020, people turned their hand to baking to help get them through the lockdown periods. It reminded a lot of people how to enjoy cooking and baking again, and so why not use this as a hobby for the whole family? There are plenty of child-friendly recipes online that are not only easy to follow but also are lots of fun to make. Once a week you can have the whole family chip in and make dinner. This will teach your children valuable skills in the kitchen as well as a sense of responsibility and creativity.


Gardening is a great hobby for the family to take up, especially in those warmer spring/summertime months. You don’t need to have a massive garden or a garden at all, as you can also grow plants on balconies or experiment with growing indoor herbs and plants. Herbs take up next to no space but come with big rewards! You can work together as a family to research possible plants to grow and how to take care of them together. This is a great way to teach children about nurturing and responsibility, while they also get a kick out of watching their project grow over time.


After having been kept inside for so long now, hiking is the perfect hobby to take up post lockdown. It is a great excuse to get outside in the fresh air and to get the body moving after having been restricted for so long. Research has shown that hiking and walking have profound effects on your cardiovascular health as well as reducing mental health illnesses such as anxiety and depression. It benefits both the kids and the parents and you can make a big day out of it. Bring picnic blankets, snacks, plenty of water and juice and everyone will be happy and sustained throughout the day. This is more of a spring/summertime hobby as trying to take your children hiking in the winter is not going to be enjoyable for anyone involved.

Host Family Movie Nights

Last, but certainly not least, our final suggested hobby is to host family movie nights. You can get creative with this, and once a week get the house feeling super cosy with lots of cushions and blankets dotted around the living room before settling down to watch a movie. You can have a different theme each week and with that can come differently-themed snacks. For instance, if you are watching a romantic comedy one week, you could also consider baking cookies shaped in love hearts. The only expense this hobby will cost you is the price you pay for snacks. The internet is a wonderful place and with things such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney Plus, you will never run out of movies to choose from.

Spending quality time together is precious and one way to ensure that your family gets this time is to take up a hobby together. So get the family together and start discussing what hobby your family are going to start today because there is no time like the present!

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