8 Garden Design Ideas For A Beautiful Outdoor Space

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Creating the perfect garden will give you and your family an amazing outdoor space to relax and enjoy nature. Many homeowners just opt for a boring lawn with some bushes and flowers here and there, but there are so many exciting opportunities when it comes to landscaping and exterior design. Some people invest as much creative energy in their landscaping vision as they do their entire house, because they understand the value of having a great outdoor space. From choosing the right plants and trees to creating different themed areas within your garden, it is time to let your creativity run wild. To help give you some inspiration, here are 8 garden ideas for a beautiful outdoor space.

1. Grow the Right Plants, Flowers, and Shrubs

The secret to every beautiful garden is planting the right flowers, shrubs, and other plants. The different colors and textures of your plants will add vibrancy and aliveness to your outside space. Look at your garden as being like a blank canvas and all the different plants like the paints in your palette. For a stunning garden all year round, choose plants that have evergreen leaves and flowers that are always in bloom.

2. Add Some Majestic Trees

Not everyone has room in their garden for trees so those lucky enough to have enough space need to make the most of it for all of us. Trees add majesty and timeless sophistication to a garden. You can either grow trees from their acorns or nuts so that you can watch the saplings flourish, or you can plant a juvenile tree so that in a decade or so it will really start to thrive. Choose species of tree that are native to where you live and they will need very little care.

3. Incorporate a Water Feature

As humans, we have a natural affinity to water, and adding a beautiful water feature to your garden can really take your outdoor space to another level.  The green-fingered folks at Essential Home and Garden explain that the perfect feature will depend on the size and style of your garden but there are many options available. Larger spaces can easily incorporate a full-sized fountain or fish pond while ornaments like cascades or tumble jets are better in smaller gardens. The trickle and splash of running water can create a wonderful, peaceful environment in your garden.

4. Set Up Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is very important for making your outdoor space accessible at all times of the day. In addition to security lights to keep your home safe, you should also consider ornamental lighting to add to the nighttime aesthetics. For example, you can use lanterns to light up a stepping stone path or a fish pond, or spotlights set into your decking for an evening drink with friends. Make sure that you only use external lights because they will be waterproof and won’t short out or cause any potential danger during wet weather.

5. Create a Classic Lawn

There are many people who take enormous pride in their lawn and spend countless hours seeding, weeding, and watering it. A perfect, green lawn can be beautiful to look at and also a wonderful place to relax, play games, and spend time with family. The trick to a great lawn is to check that it has proper drainage so that the grass doesn’t drown or become boggy. Make sure to seed any empty spaces and to ensure that you are on the lookout for any weeds which could potentially choke the grass.

6. Build a Deck

Adding a deck to your garden is the perfect way to create an area to spend time with your friends and family. You can add a table and chairs, a hot tub, lighting, and even a BBQ or contained fire pit so that you have everything you need for socializing. Make sure that you treat the deck properly so that it is protected from the weather and so that the wood doesn’t rot. As long as you look after it properly, a well-built deck can last for decades. You may want to consider adding a gazebo to your decking or some other roofing solution so that you can enjoy it no matter the weather.

7. Grow Some Plants Up The Walls

We have all seen those houses which are completely covered from ground to roof in ivy and other plants. This is an amazing way to blur the lines between nature and urban life and can create an incredibly unique-looking home. If you are not quite ready to turn your home into one gigantic bush, you can still explore the concept using a garden wall or a specifically built trellis. These are super easy to set up and all you need to do is introduce different vine and creepers and let them climb, twist, and grow as they like. Some of these plants have incredibly beautiful flowers and they can turn even the dowdiest wall into a slice of the vertical jungle.

8. Encourage Birds to Come into Your Garden

There is nothing like an outdoor space full of nature and one easy way to achieve this is by encouraging birds to come and live in your garden. This can be as simple as hanging some bird feeders in your garden or putting up some bird boxes on the side of your house. You may even find that when you leave out seed, nuts, and other food for the birds, this may then attract different types of wildlife such as squirrels, hedgehogs, badgers, and foxes.

Creating a beautiful outdoor space takes a little careful planning but it can be a lot of fun. The important thing is to utilize every inch of your garden so that you can get the most out of it with your family. Consider the plants and trees first, and then add other features to really take your garden to another level. Make sure you use the right treatments on all external ornaments and furniture so that they are not ruined by the elements. 

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