Slip And Fall Injuries: Actionable Steps To Protect Your Health & Finances

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Most think that a slip and fall injury could never happen to them, until the day that they suffer from such an incident themselves. If you have recently sustained an injury from a slip and fall accident, experts recommend you take it seriously for the sake of your health and finances. While you may not feel hurt, there’s a chance of serious internal injury that cannot be immediately outwardly detected. A slip and fall can easily lead to a more serious condition. For example, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health, slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Chicago residents 65 and older.

If you are looking to prioritize your health and worried about and the burden of medical bills, consider these actionable steps to help you defend both your body and wallet after a slip and fall accident.

Consult With A Medical Professional To Assess Injuries

After a slip and fall injury, your first course of action should be to consult with a medical professional. While you may look fine on the outside or feel fine initially after impact, internal injuries or other complications can often present themselves days or even weeks after an accident. The CDC estimates that millions fall per year, especially those 65 and older. One out of four elderly Americans will fall in any given year, but less than half will visit the doctor after. A slip and fall injury has the potential to send you to the emergency room or even cause death. While the elderly are certainly more at risk, a slip and fall accident could happen to anyone. Don’t delay seeking medical care after falling, and always be open and honest with your doctor. 

Educate Yourself On Slip And Fall Injuries: Do You Have A Case?

First, let’s discuss injuries that fall under the category of slip and fall. Slip and fall injuries can be minor (bruising, discomfort, pain) or more serious (sprains, fractures, broken bones, brain injury). Common slip and fall lawsuits start with a careless hazard at a business or other property, such as slippery ice on a restaurant’s front steps or water on a store floor. If you sustain a moderate to severe injury that occurred on someone else’s property, you may have a case under the umbrella of premises liability lawIf you are injured on someone else’s property by no fault of your own and a lawyer can prove it was due to hazardous negligence on the part of the property owner, you may be entitled to monetary compensation under the premises liability law.

Seek Legal Aid To Protect Your Finances

A lawyer is not required to create a lawsuit for a slip and fall accident; in fact, the American Bar Association (ABA) estimates that three out of five victims of a slip and fall will choose to represent themselves in an attempt to save time and money. However, studies prove that there is a substantial disadvantage to proceeding in a civil court case without legal help.

In order to win your case, you must present established evidence that the at-fault party is indeed to blame for your accident. If you are suffering from injuries, chances are you are not up to a legal battle against the insurance company and big corporate lawyers of the at-fault party. A lawyer can fight this battle for you and provide you with sound legal advice required to win your case while you focus on recovery.

A lawyer can prove negligence, calculate injuries and damages to property, field calls from insurance companies, and represent you in court. If you are seeking compensation for sizeable medical bills, a lawyer is essential. Would you allow an amateur to take care of your medical injuries? Don’t go to battle in court without a law professional.



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