Everything You Need To Know About The HIPEC Procedure

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Today, gastrointestinal cancers are being detected more and more frequently. Numerous patients around the world need modern and effective treatment. Unfortunately, most countries still do not use innovative options for treating cancer. One of the most modern treatments for gastrointestinal cancer is the HIPEC procedure. Thanks to this method, cancer treatment has reached a new level by minimizing the risks of metastases development. As a rule, doctors successfully use HIPEC treatment for colon cancer as well as for the other cancerous diseases in the abdominal cavity.

What is HIPEC?

Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy is one of the innovative methods of treating tumors in the abdomen. The method was discovered relatively recently, but has demonstrated high efficacy in a short period. As a rule, intraperitoneal chemotherapy is used in conjunction with surgery. Surgery and HIPEC complement each other, significantly increasing the anti-tumor effect.

HIPEC procedure consists of local injection of heated chemotherapeutic drugs into the abdominal cavity after the surgery. The chemotherapeutic drug destroys the tumor cells, after which it is removed from the abdominal cavity. After that, surgeons finish the intervention, remove catheters, and suture incisions of the abdominal wall. HIPEC procedure has an excellent efficacy at colon cancer treatment.

Traditional treatment

Unfortunately, most countries still use outdated and ineffective methods to treat tumors in the abdomen. This not only reduces the effectiveness of the treatment, but also increases the negative effects on the patient’s health. If you want to undergo modern treatment, it is recommended to choose foreign hospitals.

Thanks to the development of medical technology abroad, you can receive the most modern and effective treatment. Availability of modern equipment and experienced doctors will make your treatment more comfortable and safe. A lot of patients are treated every year in countries with developed medicine, such as Turkey, Israel, and Germany.

HIPEC benefits

Although this method of treatment was discovered relatively recently, it has already helped thousands of patients. During this time, doctors have discovered its benefits, making it an important part of the therapeutic scheme in cancer patients. Advantages of HIPEC are as follows:

  • Thanks to HIPEC, the risk of metastases development after the completion of treatment is close to zero
  • The efficiency of HIPEC is higher compared to conventional surgery
  • Thanks to this method, it is possible to destroy tumor cells with minimal impact on healthy cells
  • Patients with colon cancer note a significant improvement in well-being after such treatment
  • The high temperature helps the chemotherapeutic drug to penetrate deeper into the tissue and kill the remaining tumor cells

Treatment during the lockdown

Due to the spread of COVID-19, a lockdown has been introduced in many countries. This means that patients who want to undergo treatment abroad are not able to do it. The prognosis for treatment in tumor patients may get worse every day. Timely treatment improves the chances of a complete recovery.

In order not to lose time and to be able to undergo treatment even during the lockdown, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. This way, you can start HIPEC treatment for colon cancer even during a lockdown. Booking Health specialists will provide you with the necessary assistance with the paperwork and organizational issues.

Treatment in the best foreign clinics

To start your journey to a life without cancer and receive treatment abroad, contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health. Thanks to its professionalism, millions of patients have been successfully treated abroad and enjoy a healthy life. There is no need to put off treatment until tomorrow, when you can start it today.

Choosing the medical tourism operator Booking Health each patient will get the most comfortable conditions of treatment abroad. Medical center, treatment program and attending physician are selected for every patient individually. You may be sure that your health is in good hands.

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