6 Easy Decorating Tips For Hosting An Epic Mardi Gras Theme Party

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The Mardi Gras holiday symbolizes the arrival of spring, as well as the end of seven “fat days”. Literally “Mardi Gras” means “Fat Tuesday”: on this day, people enjoy festivities and preparing delicious sweets. LOTS of sweets! Naturally, each celebration involves festive decorations, and Mardi Gras is not an exception. People around the world decorate their homes and party halls with colorful and fashionable themed Mylar balloons like these, Venetian masks and other symbols of the holiday, tassel, bright LED garlands, and other decorations that create a stunning atmosphere. We’ve picked up the top 6 ideas and tips for decorating your Mardi Gras theme party!

Create stunning balloon decorations

You can decorate your house with both latex and Mylar balloons. They will help you to create wonderful compositions, for example:

  • use latex balloons of the traditional Mardi Gras colors (purple that stands for Justice, green that symbolizes Faith, and gold that stands for Power). You can also try combinations of other colors you like to create arches, garlands, and columns;
  • use Mylar balloons, scattering them around the house, or gather balloons of different shapes and colors into beautiful bundles.

Try mixing balloons with colorful feathers, pompoms, LED garlands. paper decorations and draperies: such compositions look quite fresh and sophisticated!

Add traditional holiday symbols to your decorations:

  • beads of symbolic carnival colors;
  • Venetian masks that can be beautifully decorated with streamers and feathers;
  • sweets: get creative and add purple, green, and yellow food coloring to your favorite sweets;
  • toys (hang toy harlequins around the house: you can buy them anywhere on the eve of the holiday);
  • Fleur-de-Lis (a stylized emblem with heraldic ornaments, used by French kings);
  • stars: you can order several Mylar balloon stars and let them beautifully sparkle by soft candlelight, or make DIY stars of different sizes using foil and cardboard;
  • metal and wooden coins (doubloons) with emblems.

Create tender flower bouquets

If you have decided to adhere to the concept of the holiday, then use Mardi Gras color scheme to create your flower bouquets: It’s easy: pick some purple roses, greenery and yellow tulips (of course, you can choose any flowers of these colors), festive bright streamers and decorative Venetian masks.

You can beautifully arrange these flower compositions on your festive table, decorate the shelves (including the mantel shelf), the windowsills, hang them on the walls or outside the window.

Bake the emblematic Mardi Gras cookies

If the holiday concept is centered on the idea of food, then why not get creative with your cooking?!

Bake cookies in the shape of holiday symbols (Fleur-de-Lis, gold coins, and stars), or make a sweet roll in three holiday colors: such sweets look fantastic!

Use Mardi Gras carnival banners and flags

You can decorate your balcony and windows with large Mardi Gras banners. Also, you can install large flags on poles or special mounts on your porch or terrace.

The design of such flags may vary: usually, it includes royal crowns, stripes, garlands, jazz instruments and musical notes, heraldic lilies, and masks.

Use feathers!

This is an indispensable attribute of Mardi Gras holiday decorations! Here are some ideas for creating peerless decor:

  • feather bouquets of three Mardi Gras colors;
  • gold feather wreaths, decorated with ribbons and beads;
  • street lamp holders made of fishing line and decorated with feathers and beads;
  • feather curtains: paint huge feathers in purple, green, and gold colors, and fix them to the fishing line stripes.

Photo by Llanydd Lloyd on Unsplash


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