Everything You Need To Know About Succulents

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Having plants in your home is great for decoration purposes but it also has many benefits for your health. Although most of us enjoy having plants around us, not everyone enjoys the commitment associated with this. Plants are living beings after all, and they require appropriate care if you want them to survive. However, different plants will require different maintenance and some plants do not need constant attention if this is something you are not ready to give. If this is the case for you, investing in Succulents is a good idea as these plants last a long time without requiring much commitment from you. There are a few things you must do if you want your Succulents to thrive. In this article, we will advise you of things you need to know about succulents so that you provide them with the best care.

Indoor VS Outdoor Succulents

When it comes to Succulents, you have a wide variety to choose from. Certainly, you can go either for indoor plants or outdoor plants. Many people instantly assume that lack of space or garden means that the upkeep of plants is impossible. This certainly is not true. Some Succulents bloom when indoor environments, which is great if you do not have the outdoor space.


Every plant needs light to grow, as this is how they perform photosynthesis (the process of which they use to turn sunlight into chemical energy they require for survival). You must know that succulents require natural light to survive and thrive. If you have your plants inside, make sure they are close to a window but not exposed to severely hot temperatures as this can damage the plant.


As we mentioned previously, Succulents are one of the best plants to have if you do not want great commitment from a plant. They originate from arid climates; therefore do not require much water. Generally, this type of plant will need water once a week, although this will vary depending on the climatic conditions of where you live. You must always check the soil before you water them to make sure they are in need. Overwatering Succulents can be more damaging to the plant than under-watering. The soil will need to be fully dry before you water it again.


The soil is essential for plants overall, as this is where their roots are and where they get their nutrients. You must consider this when planting your Succulents. A well-draining soil is necessary as humidity and excess water can be damaging to Succulent and cause them to die quickly.


As we mentioned previously, Succulents come from dry areas, which is what makes them resilient to hot temperatures.  The majority of Succulents can handle a variety of temperatures with no issues, as long as they receive enough water and sunlight.


Some plants attract different pests, which can be unpleasant, particularly if the plants are indoors. Luckily, Succulents are resilient when it comes to pests. You can use horticultural oil to control this as required and you should have no problems.


One of the best features of Succulents is how easy it is for them to propagate – this makes them an amazing plant to have if you want to grow more plants. You can simply cut a leaf and use this to propagate. This is not a quick process but it will certainly be worth the wait. There is a right way to propagate your succulents; therefore, you must thoroughly understand this process so that it is achieved correctly. Once you do this, make sure to provide your plants with the necessary conditions such as light, water, and soil. You must know that succulents & sunshine are a great combination as they require natural light to survive and thrive. This along with the appropriate soil will ensure that you successfully propagate your Succulents. 

Planting Succulents

When planting Succulents, the most important thing to take into consideration is the soil. We have mentioned previously that the soil is very important for these plants to flourish. If you do this outside, you will need to check that your soil is naturally well-draining. If not, add some sand or gravel to increase drainage.

What Makes Succulents Special?

Succulents are one of the most beautiful plants out there. They are usually confused with cacti but they are different. There are a variety of Succulents available to choose from. Some of them have different colors, which can match your indoor décor. In addition to this, as we mentioned previously, they are resilient and do not require much care. This makes it a perfect plant for someone who does not want to spend much time looking after plants but still wants to enjoy the beauty of these plants.

Benefits of Having Succulents

Every plant provides your household with certain benefits, which may contribute to you purchasing them and having them in your living space. Below we discuss some of the benefits of having Succulents in your home:

  • They Can Brighten A Home in Any Climate – as we discussed previously, there is a wide variety of Succulents at your disposal. One of the main benefits of this plant is that it can survive in different climates, therefore you can have them in your home no matter what type of area you live in.
  • They Can Help to Purify the Air – Succulents are known for purifying the air by removing harmful toxins from the air that you breathe.
  • They Improve the Humidity of Your Home – Succulents release water, which increases moisture in the air. This helps improve certain common health issues such as common cold, dry cough, sore throat, and itchy skin.
  • They Can Add Fresh Oxygen to Your Environment – Most plants purify the air during the day but release carbon dioxide at night, which is harmful to us and a good reason not to sleep with plants in our sleeping areas. This is not the case with Succulents as they continue to release oxygen, improving our breathing.

Succulents are beautiful plants and are appropriate for most individuals, even the ones who do not want to spend much time looking after a plant. The information discussed above should provide you with everything you need to know about Succulents in case you are thinking about purchasing this type of plant for yourself. 

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