All You Need To Know About Hiring A Lawyer For Internal Injuries Caused By A Car Accident

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Not all injuries caused by a car accident are visible. Getting hit by the car steering wheel, windshield, instrument panel or some other part of the car, may result in some superficial injuries such as small cuts and bruises. But internal injuries are a whole different scenario. This is because in some cases, symptoms may not appear until days or weeks after the accident. Therefore, if you or your loved one gets involved in a car accident, you should see a doctor right away even if there are no visible injuries. You could be having internal injuries such as bleeding or organ damage, which could get even worse if not treated immediately. However, if you suffer any internal injury in a car crash as a result of someone’s recklessness and negligence, they should be held accountable. You have the right to seek compensation according to the law, most preferably with legal representation. Having said that, the following article seeks to highlight all you need to know about hiring a lawyer for internal injuries caused by a car accident. Kindly read on!

1. They Will Help you Build a Strong Internal Injuries and Damages Lawsuit Claim

Internal injury lawyers are professionals when it comes to gathering the relevant pieces of evidence and witnesses to win the lawsuit. They understand all the legal requirements surrounding your case and will ask the right questions. They have encountered a diverse range of cases of internal injuries as a result of a car accident and have the right expertise to help build a strong case for you. These may include but not limited to the following types of internal injuries:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Fractured ribs
  • Liver damage
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Kidney damage 
  • Abdominal aneurysm
  • Among others

By hiring a respectable lawyer, you can rest assured that he/she will handle everything on your behalf while you take your time to heal both physically and emotionally.

2. You Deserve To Be Compensated

Provided that your internal injuries were caused by someone’s negligence in a car accident, you deserve compensation. You just need to consult an experienced internal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You shouldn’t allow the perpetrators to just go away with it while you’re left struggling with medical bills and the financial losses due to time taken off from work. As a matter of fact, with the assistance of an aggressive lawyer who can negotiate skillfully, you’re entitled to pursue compensations for your losses including but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses
  • Mental and physical pain suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost wages
  • Lost future wages

3. Ensure You Hire a Lawyer with High Success Rates

Hiring a highly experienced lawyer to handle your internal injury claim doubles your odds of winning the claim. The lawyer should possess a positive reputation for winning internal injury cases. You can search for such lawyers online or even ask for recommendations from your friends, colleagues, or family members. 

4. They Can Assist You in Claiming Your Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

With a skillful lawyer, you may still be eligible for SSDI benefits even if your internal injuries resulted from a car accident and not work-related. An expert lawyer has the skills and expertise to gather the relevant facts to ascertain that your internal injury conditions meet the SSD benefits claim requirements. The particular lawyer understands all the legal requirements surrounding SSD benefits and can therefore weigh the available options and accord assistance accordingly.

5. Saves You Time

Truthfully, filing an internal injury lawsuit is pretty much involved. There is an avalanche of paperwork to handle, making the whole process tedious especially if you are trying to do it by yourself. However, lawyers are professionals on legal matters. So, hiring one saves you time to focus on other important things such as recovery and humble time with your family and loved ones.

6. Stands Up to Big Insurance

Since this could be your first internal injury claim and you lack all the necessary knowledge, the insurance company might try to cut corners with your compensation. In such a scenario, only an experienced lawyer can help you. An experienced lawyer will assist you to hold the insurance company responsible until you are fully compensated. Remember, those insurance officials have dealt with thousands if not ten thousand of such cases, so they can trick you to their advantage.

Truth be told, filing an internal injury case is never a walk in the park. The process requires keenness to details such as finding relevant medical documents, witnesses, proofs, and so on. Trying to do it by yourself without the necessary legal skills and experience could be overwhelming. That’s why it’s advisable to contact a reliable internal injury lawyer to handle your case professionally while you focus on spending more time on healing and recovery or even with your family. 

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