Top Golf Gear That Will Improve Your Performance

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If you are passionate about golf, you can bet that the right gear plays a significant role in golf performances. Golf is one of the most equipment-reliant sports and it can be reasonable to say that the better you are equipped as a golfer, the higher your chances of success. A perfect gear can help you maximize the best game styles and the lack of it also can make you suffer injuries and ultimately reduce your chances of success. That said, these are the top golf gears that will improve your performance:

Iron Sets

Iron sets are a very significant gear for any golfer. You should be able to pick good iron sets by yourself and if that’s difficult, you can consider choosing a full iron set. Golfers at Red Birdie Golf recommend that for best irons you can choose a driving iron because it can give you additional control any time you are playing.  

A driving iron can also give you a better distance to allow you to launch the ball farther and higher than the conventional irons. It is also very versatile and you can use it in any golf situation including using it in windy conditions and when you want to make stinger shots. This type of iron is also ideal if you want more mass to help you strike the ball. It has a heavy swing and thus gives you more mass to propel your ball better.


A driver is vital to any golfer. It can help you propel your ball accordingly. However, it is vital that you choose the ideal driver otherwise you can spend hours playing and not enjoy the game. To choose the right driver choose the right club head. You can opt for a small clubhead that is lightweight and can allow you to better be in charge of your swing although it is not perfect for long-distance shots.

 A large clubhead, on the other hand, has a larger mass and is suitable for long shots. It can create the ideal momentum so that you do not miss your hits. Medium-sized club heads are better than small heads but not as effective in terms of distance compared to large heads. As you choose a driver, think about whether you want to be making longer shots or shorter shots. Also, think about how much you want to be in control as this can also guide you towards choosing the right driver. 

You must also choose the right shaft for your driver as it can influence your swing power. Choose a shaft with the material that you can easily flex and bend. Remember the slower your swing is, the more flex you will require. If you want a faster swing consider a more stiff shaft. Choose a driver with a good loft. A greater loft can give you more control but limit the distance you can hit your shots from. Slow swings simultaneously need greater lofts and faster swings require less loft. The length of your driver can also determine the positioning of your ball as you swing.

Fairway Woods

You need fairway woods to be able to push your ball further. Fairway woods can also give you the desirable tee adjustment as they can give you a good spot for you to make your shots closer to the ground. Fairwoods can also allow you to strike your ball over greater distances. With a good fairy wood, you can have a more stable foundation upon which you can build your swing. These woods come in many varieties to suit your different needs. You can choose a fairway hood for high handicappers if that’s your preference. You can also search online for the best woods before you buy any. 


You can also choose the ideal hybrids to enhance your performance. A good hybrid can help you balance your swings and the distance for you to hit your shots.


Wedges are important if you want to make accurate short-distance shots. Wedges have high lofts, short shafts, and heavy clubheads. Wedges also come with modified soles to help you move your clubhead through some soft terrains like mud, sand, and thick grass so that you can easily extract your ball even when it’s buried. Choose wedges that have your preferred configurations. You can choose sand wedges, approach wedges, lob wedges, or pitching wedges.

With the above gear, you can significantly enhance your performance as a golfer. Fairy woods can help you be more in control of your game. Drivers too can help you drive your balls further. Iron sets can help you make the ideal shots and your wedges can help you extract your ball from whichever terrain. Don’t forget putters as they can also help you finish your holes. Balls are an unforgettable gear as they can be game-changers.

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