Amazing Ways You Can Improve Your Bathroom At Home

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The bathroom is the one room in the house that you can never really avoid in terms of both use and appearance, so it only makes sense that more than any other room, you have constant thoughts about what you could possibly do to spruce it up. It’s important that you don’t let your mind wander too far off into ideas that require big time renovations that take ages and cost a ton of money as well. There are some pretty cool ideas that you can use that will totally transform your bathroom and have it looking brand new without having to break it down and wait for weeks or even months on end. Read on to find out about a few amazing ways to improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Change All the Fixtures

The first thing you need to do is change all the fixtures. This means the showerhead, the faucet, and closet handles, and even the light fixtures as well. Doing this alone will give new life to the bathroom. Because it’s such a small space in most cases, the details always stand out that much more. Instead of having one overhead light, think about having lighting options at different parts of the bathroom added and go all out with the shades and light covers. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that there are some amazing options when it comes to bathroom lighting. Pamper yourself and get a large, fancy showerhead that makes it feel like you’re standing under the rain, and gives you the option to have crazy pressure when you feel like having a deep clean as well. 

It’s Time for a New Toilet

We know we said to stay away from demolition, but this is minimal and won’t take much time at all and it’s totally worth it. Chances are, your toilet looks sad and clearly used, no matter how well you clean it. The great news is that according to the reviews at Toiletable, there are some really great toilet options out there. They come with great features such as not using as much water when it comes to flushing, and they’re actually much easier to clean as well. Not to mention that the latest designs look amazing as well. 

Statement Basin

If you’re going to change the toilet, then you might as well think about getting fancy with your washbasin. Lately, there have been so many amazing designs in regards to statement basins, and they can actually steal the show from the whole house! They come in all shapes and sizes, the materials and colors used are super interesting, they look incredible, and you can even go as far as to order a custom-made design if you have something in mind. 

Storage for the Win

There’s no way you’re going to upgrade your bathroom without taking care of that neverending clutter. It’s time to get smart about storage. There are so many innovative ideas when it comes to bathroom storage that you are bound to find something that suits your bathroom. You can close off space beneath the sink, use shelves that fit over the toilet, or build storage either protruding from the wall or have it built into the wall for a more modern look. Stop throwing 5 towels onto one handle- there are beautiful towel rack options that take up minimal space and hold a number of towels in a way that looks great and also allows them to dry properly.

Wallpaper & Flooring

It’s no secret that the walls and floors take up the most space in your bathroom, so naturally, changing them would be the key to a real complete makeover. You don’t need to break anything down for this. When it comes to the walls, think about putting in a backsplash behind the tub faucet and the washbasin, and go for wallpaper for the rest of the bathroom. There are so many amazing options these days and you won’t have to worry about the hot water and steam affecting it either, because there is wallpaper made specifically for the bathroom. As for the floors, go down the stick-on tile route to get a quick and effective fix. 

Your bathroom needs a makeover, so get to it right now! Using the ideas provided here, you can’t go wrong because every point is bound to make a big difference in transforming your bathroom into the image you have in your mind. The best part is that you can still stay within your budget and make big changes. 

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