5 of the Most Compelling Reasons to Travel

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The pandemic has ground life to a halt, or that’s the way it seems sometimes. Some individuals have hardly left their homes in months. However, there is reason for hope. There are three vaccines out now, with the Johnson & Johnson version joining Moderna and Pfizer. Now that there are three possible candidates, you should be able to get yourself one soon, even if you don’t have an immunocompromised condition or some other critical factor. That means that normalcy is not too far away, and we may all be able to remove our masks toward 2021’s tail end. Once that happens, some individuals can return to work, while others can resume their travel plans. If you haven’t traveled very much in your life, maybe the pandemic has made you reconsider that choice. Assuming you’ve got the financial resources to do it, travel can make you see your existence in a whole new way. Let’s talk about some of the most compelling travel reasons that exist, and we’ll see if we can’t convince you to grab your passport and explore some uncharted territory.

It Can Shake Up a Monotonous Routine

Boredom is one of the worst fates that can befall a person. Whether you are a highly-skilled personal injury lawyer or a firefighter, an accountant or a short-order cook, a time might come when you feel like every day that passes is the same as the one that came before it. You can do various things to shake up your life, but travel is one of the most attractive. If you’ve got a partner or spouse, maybe you can tell them that you want to explore. You might want to travel within the US or outside of it. Perhaps you want to see Mexico, Canada, or Japan. If you feel like every day is the same, then seeing other parts of the world can be just what you need to make you feel alive again. You can feel like you’re in a rut if you never do something indulgent and spontaneous, and travel certainly fits the bill.

It Can Help You Get Over a Breakup or Divorce

During the pandemic, some relationships have gotten stronger, while others have dissolved. It makes sense. When trouble hits, that tests relationships. If yours was showing some cracks even before Covid-19 appeared, the past few months might have been the reason why the dam finally broke. If you’re facing a divorce or breakup, you might be in a negative headspace. It can be hard to clear away the mental clutter when you and someone you loved split up. You might want to get away from the city and the house or apartment where it happened, at least for a time. You can travel to somewhere new, and while you’re lying on a beach or hiking in the mountains, you can breathe freely and think about where you want your life to go from here. You might miss the person you knew and the relationship you shared, but being in a new and different place can remind you that fresh beginnings are possible. By the time you get back, you should feel more ready to turn the page and start an all-new chapter.

It Can Be a Chance to Meet New People

Maybe you feel like your family is driving you a little crazy, or you can’t stand seeing the same faces each day at work. The fact is, having a set routine can help you feel comfortable and safe. Still, the monotony might get to you after a while, especially with the oppressive pandemic restrictions with which so many of us have had to deal lately. Once travel is safe, you can head to an exotic place with the idea of meeting some new people. You can abandon the “work” version of yourself and open up to new experiences and faces. You can meet individuals from different walks of life, and you might make a connection that you never expected. Perhaps you’ll find a new friend, a fling, or even a long-term romantic relationship in a distant land.

It Can Expand Your Horizons

You’ve probably heard the term “broaden your horizons.” It’s true that some people live and work in the same city, and perhaps they have never been more than a few hundred miles away from their stomping grounds in their entire life. If this describes you, then that’s seldom healthy. Your world stays very small this way. It’s hard to grow as a person if you’re always around the same individuals, many of whom might think and act precisely the same way. It’s helpful to visit foreign lands and see how other people live. Even if you remain in the US, and you head to a different state, where people have different accents and a different vocabulary, that can be helpful too. Sometimes, individuals who never travel can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes. They only feel like there’s one way to be, and it’s easy to become narrow-minded that way. When you travel, you can be around people who think and act differently from yourself, and that might be what you need, though you never suspect it.

You Can Celebrate a Big Event

Maybe you have a momentous occasion coming up soon. That could be a 21st birthday, or perhaps a 30th or 40th. Whatever it is, there is no better way to remember a spectacular event than traveling somewhere you’ve never been before or going somewhere that you love. If you’ve got a special wedding anniversary coming up, you might head to New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, or Las Vegas. Maybe you want to spend the weekend in Cabo, or perhaps you’d prefer hiking in picturesque New Zealand. Traveling is something that you might need without even realizing it. It’s only when you look out on unfamiliar cities that you understand who you truly are, and you can return home revitalized and refocused.  

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