Why You Should Always Consult a Lawyer If You Were Injured in Public

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It’s never a good idea to face an entire team of professional lawyers working for a billion-dollar insurance company on your own. As soon as you file a personal injury claim for injuries that you sustained in a public place, a full team of lawyers and insurance adjusters start evaluating your case right away. The insurance adjusters you deal with may offer you an unfair settlement or even deny your claim altogether. You are not legally required to hire a lawyer, but if you file a claim on your own, you’ll be at the mercy of the insurance adjusters. Therefore, it’s essential that you consult an experienced lawyer as soon as you sustain injuries in public, whether from a car crash or just others’ general negligence. Here’s why you should always contact a personal injury attorney if you were injured in public.

Lawyers Are Experienced and More Knowledgeable 

It makes complete sense to work with an experienced professional in the field whenever you’re faced with such legal responsibilities. Personal injury lawyers are experienced in personal injury law and have probably handled hundreds of similar cases to yours. Because they are specialized in this field, they will have all the useful information you need concerning the procedure of obtaining your lawful compensation. When you’re dealing with insurance adjusters, you won’t be able to know what your rights are, what you’re entitled to, and what the correct procedure for building a strong claim is. Lawyers are more knowledgeable and will guide you through the correct procedure for filing the paperwork and complying with the statute of limitations. Now, if you’re familiar with the statute of limitations, you’ll know that filing your claim as soon as possible after the incident is the most important part of the claim. A lawyer is essential to help you finish the required documentation and file a strong case within your state’s statute of limitations.

They Know How to Protect Your Rights

A lawyer will not only act as your personal spokesperson, but they’ll also be your advocate as you negotiate your claim with your employer and your insurance company. Employers will do their best to stay out of the picture and not hold any liability for your injuries, while your insurance company will try to pay the lowest reimbursement possible to protect its profit margin. Personal injury attorneys have far more experience around these tactics than anyone else you can work with when you file your injury claim. A personal attorney will represent your case in the best way to grant your benefits and help you obtain compensation as quickly as possible. They are your best chance of getting the legal actions out the way so you can recover quickly and return to your normal life. With a personal injury lawyer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your rights are not violated and that you’re getting the best deal possible for your claim. 

A Lawyer Will Get you a Better Settlement Offer

When you represent your case on your own in front of a structure or location administrator, they are more likely to offer an extremely low amount for your compensation, knowing that you don’t have a legal representative. Oakland lawyers at KerleySchaffer.com suggest that plaintiffs who work with injury attorneys to represent their case receive higher compensation for their injuries than those representing themselves. A lawyer will assess your case and include essential medical records and wage losses that prove your damages and earn you the best deal possible. They are also good at establishing the rightful payment amounts for less quantifiable losses like general damages, physical discomfort, stress, pain, suffering, and the overall impact of the injuries on your life. They include all the discussed damages in the total cost to get the best compensation for your hardships when negotiating with insurance adjusters. 

They Will Protect Your Employee Rights 

You have to know that some employers may not take it lightly when their employees file for workers’ comp claims or personal injury lawsuits. If you get injured in public while finishing tasks for your manager or running work-related errands, your employer may be held liable for not providing you with the tools you need to stay safe. Even if they were abiding by the employee health and safety regulations, they may still be obliged to pay you compensation since you were injured on the job t. But if you file a personal injury claim or a workers’ comp insurance claim against your employer, they might strike back and demote you. What’s even worse is that they might lower your salary, reduce your paid hours, or even fire you. Fortunately, such employment responses are not allowed under the law, and it’s very difficult for employers to prove that firing an employee was not related to a personal injury claim. In this case, an attorney will ensure that you maintain all your rights without losing your job or even losing a percentage of your income while filing your injury claim.

You’ll Find Peace of Mind

Injuries are traumatic and can have a significant negative impact on your life following your accident. Especially if you end up with permanent disabilities, you may not be able to regain your old life back, which is why these claims cause major headaches to the injured victims. After an injury, you’ll have to deal with not only your physical pain and discomfort but also your emotional and mental distress. You’ll also be faced with increasing medical bills and loss of wage while being looked on as unproductive by your employer. If you hire an attorney, you’ll have someone professional take care of these matters for you while you focus on recovery. They’ll make sure you get fair compensation for the loss of wage while you’re resting at home. 

Public accidents are incredibly frustrating to deal with, especially if the injuries have permanent effects that restrict or disable the victim. What’s even harder is dealing with insurance companies and liable parties after the accident in order to obtain lawful reimbursement for your hardships. Such claims are almost impossible to settle without a legal representative. Ensure you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you build a solid claim and recover your rightful benefits.



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