4 Fashion Influencers And How To Steal Their Style

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Social media and word of mouth are arguably the top marketing strategies for the modern day. Never before have we taken style and fashion inspiration from what we see our friends and favourite celebrities posting about on social as much as we do now. As the phenomenon continues, we’ve seen a rise in fashion influencers, who have shifted our purchasing habits even further. If you want to steal some style inspiration and refresh your wardrobe, we’ve picked out 4 of our favourite fashion influencers and suggested some ways to emulate their looks.

Belle & Bunty – Muted Tones & Soft Knitwear

Belle & Bunty are a pair of influencers and business owners who are easily recognised by the muted tones in their outfits and their love of sumptuously soft knitwear. Whether its cashmere jumpers or button up cardigans, the fashion duo love a piece of quality knitwear. To steal their style, focus on pastel colours, neutral shades or dusky tones, all of which are perfect for spring and summer. Carry this colour scheme into your knitwear, then pair up the pieces with a pair of tailored trousers and coat to layer over the top.

Laura Mills – Designer Loungewear

Laura Mills of The Fashion Bug Blog is a London-based influencer who is also about to become a mum of 4. On her Instagram feed, not only will you see lots of photos of her lifestyle and adorable children, but also images of her in the most luxurious loungewear. Staying at home doesn’t mean you have to skip out on style, so steal Laura’s style by purchasing designer loungewear. By buying into designer brands, you will be purchasing beautiful quality materials and pieces that will last for years to come, no matter if you are having a relaxed weekend or a day in the home office.

Gabi Fresh – Mix Unexpected Pieces & Textures

What sets Gabi Fresh apart from many other fashion influencers is her confidence to mix unexpected pieces and create interest with clashing textures and tones. For example, she might upload a photo wearing t-shirt and leather jacket combo, but feature a sparkly satin skirt on her lower body. If you want to take the plunge and start mixing and matching textures, why not start small with a pair of velvet jeans or a chiffon skirt? Both of these can be paired up with a leather jacket for an edgy look or a vivid top to steal the limelight.

Cheralee Lyle – Faux Fur Coats & Tailored Blazers

Cheralee Lyle is the queen of autumn and winter looks, and we love the way that she wears coats and blazers to layer up her outfits and add dimension. She especially loves a faux fur coat, so try adding one to your wardrobe and accessorising with a belt for a bit more structure. If coats aren’t your thing, add a tailored blazer to your outfit to either add a smart casual feel or accentuate your shape. While this may seem like a simple style steal, Cheralee does it so well and it’s something that every can do to take their outfits to the next level.

With these hints and tips, you can dress just like our favourite fashion influencers! Whose style will you be stealing today?

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