6 Warning Signs It’s Time to See a Psychotherapist

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While we are quick to get help for our physical well-being, we often neglect the mental aspects of our lives. The reality of the situation is that poor mental health can have severe consequences on our life and our physical health. One of the ways that you can begin to improve your mental health is by going to see a psychotherapist. They will work to help you overcome your issues and be that person who can listen to you. 

There is a strong negative stigma attached to mental health and getting the support that you need. The reality of the situation, however, is that mental health issues are very real and have detrimental effects on people. Studies have shown that illnesses such as depression are actually caused by chemical deficiencies in the brain. Therefore, mental health is not something that people use for attention. A question that remains however is when should you go see a psychotherapist? 

Here are several warning signs that mean it is time to book an appointment and see one.

1. A Sense Of Hopelessness

Sadness is a normal emotion that we all experience at points in our life. It is completely normal to be sad when certain circumstances present themselves to us. Feeling hopeless, however, is something that is different from sadness and is often associated with depression. Being hopeless means that you have no faith in yourself and think you will amount to nothing in the future. This can lead to you being extremely motivated. Fortunately, there is a way to get around this. The experts at Energetics Institute state that seeing a psychotherapist can help improve your outlook on life and give you back a sense of normalcy in your life. Psychotherapists are great at listening and talking to you.

Often when we feel hopeless it is a very irrational thought. There are plenty of things in life that we should be happy for and look forward to, however that motivation is not there. Speaking to a psychotherapist can help restore that hope and excitement. They will also equip you with the necessary tools to avoid this type of situation in the future. If you are feeling hopeless, you should look to see a psychotherapist have everything sorted out.

2. Loss Of Productivity

Are you struggling to focus and get your work done? While some days we can attribute that to laziness or being distracted, other times it is simply because our mental health is not in a good position. It can be extremely hard to focus if you are negatively thinking about yourself. If the issues persist, you could find yourself facing consequences from work and even getting fired for your lack of productivity. Therefore, it is important that you go see a therapist as there is more at stake than just your lack of interest in work. If you feel comfortable, communicate with your employer about the issue and then go about getting the help that you need. You will find yourself mentally refreshed after a good therapy session, ready to get back to normal.

3. People Are Worried About Your Health

While sometimes you will be fully aware you are going through a low point in your life mentally, there will be other times when you are not sure what is going on. It is in times like this where you can count on friends and family to help you out. If you find your loved ones worrying about you and your mental health, it is a definite sign that you should go see a psychotherapist. As mentioned, we are sometimes oblivious to our decreasing mental health. When this happens, go for a therapy session and even bring someone in with you. They will help to inform you and the therapist of the situation and help come up with a plan and solution for everything that is happening.

4. You’ve Experienced Severe Trauma

One of the biggest signs that you have to see a therapist is that you are suffering from severe trauma or are dealing with repressed issues. Issues can include the death of a loved one, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, or a strong amount of instability in your life. All of these can have severely harmful effects on our mental health, especially if left unchecked. Coming to terms with traumatic events in our life can be difficult, but we don’t have to do it alone. A therapist will guide you through the entire situation, helping you to cope with what has happened. That is not to say a therapist will make the pain go away, but they will allow you to continue on with your life while dealing with everything. If you have been through a traumatic experience in your life, it is definitely a sign that you need to see a therapist.

5. Substance Abuse

If you have started to abuse substances, it is a sign that there might be deeper underlying issues at play. Going to see a psychotherapist can help determine these underlying issues and break you free from addiction before things get even worse. Don’t be afraid to get yourself the health and support that you need before your health deteriorates from all of the substances.

6. Relationship Issues

Are there strains in your relationships? A psychotherapist can help you identify why these strains are happening and also help you overcome them. Along with that, a good therapy session will allow you to cope with these relationships and understand how to act when it happens. Relationship issues could also be stemming from deeper underlying mental health issues that they can address. If your relationships are becoming strained, it might be time to go see a psychotherapist before things break down even further.

These are all signs that it might be time to go see a psychotherapist. Do not be afraid of the stigma that is associated with mental health, as running away from your issues will only make it worse. With the right help, you will be able to overcome whatever it is you are struggling with and get your life back to where it was. Dealing with trauma and other issues can be extremely difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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