Three Trends To Watch Out For In Home Design

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If you were to ask top interior designers what the number one trend was in home design right now, the answer would undoubtedly be, “sustainability.” The use of renewable energies, sustainable materials and recycled and reclaimed furniture is all the rage, owing in no small part to the millennial obsession with living a meaningful life while creating a lower carbon footprint. Current world events have also shaped our idea of ‘the good life’, with more people currently working from home and having to share spaces with other dwellers. What trends will be dominating design in the near future, and how can you make the most of them?

Barndominiums As Havens Of Light

The barndominium design style blends the openness, natural materials and space of a barn with modern urban living. Think of the warmth and natural hues present in a typical barn, and add a dash of luxury into the equation. High angled, wooden-beamed ceilings; natural light (via floor-to-ceiling glass doors or windows); and open-spaced living enable kitchens, leisure spots, and small offices to blend together seamlessly, while affording each family member the space he or she needs. Modern touches can be added through pendant lighting, exposed ductwork, and the use of mixed metals in areas like the kitchen.

Biophilic Design

‘Biophilia’ (the love for nature) is manifesting itself in both rustic and modern-styled homes, working to rebuild the fractured relationship that human beings have with the Great Outdoors. Key features of biophilic design include the presence of plants at various heights (hanging from ceilings or wooden beams, standing in designer pots, and strategically placed on key pieces of furniture). Also popular are standing living walls (used to separate shared spaces), nature-inspired wallpaper, and a combination of neutral and green/blue hues for items such as carpets, flooring, and space separators.

Tropical Design

Dark wood, tropical prints, and travel-inspired furniture pieces such as trunks are all the rage among those who enjoy the freedom, dynamism, and brightly-colored shades inspired by the idea that life is a journey. Flowers, leaves, and tile art are making their way onto bed sheets, cushions, lamps, and carpets and designer items from afar (think Balinese wooden ceiling fans, Filipino gallinero benches, and traditional Thai carved teak chairs bring the warmth and joy of vacation time into one’s home, and provide the perfect opportunity to purchase key items from a person’s favorite parts of the world. A plethora of materials such as ratan, bamboo and teak work beautifully together, since each of these woods or grasses have different hues and structures. Designer chairs, bars and coffee tables in wood can be given a contemporary flavor through the use of metal in pieces such as bar stools, lighting, and folding screens or space dividers.

It is predicted that millions of people will continue to live and work remotely in the long-term, owing to the successful project that telecommuting has come to be. Homes are therefore being turned into oases – places to disconnect, dream, and connect with nature. Three trends to watch out for include barndominium, biophilic, and tropical design, all of which connect with the attraction to a more sustainable, outdoorsy lifestyle.

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