How Can I Keep Myself Safe When Walking the Streets?

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As populations in cities increase and our roadways remain congested with human and motor traffic, personal safety should be a top priority. It calls for maximum caution when strolling the streets.Walking alone either from work, to catch a bus, or to admire the local surroundings is something we do all the time. Besides intimidating traffic, virtual living is only helping compound the situation. In this era of smartphones and similar technology, we can’t help being addicted to our gadgets even when on the road. This calls for maximum caution when strolling the streets.

The following tips might help you stay safe when walking the streets.

  • Avoid Using Your Phone

Statistics show that distracted driving or walking contributed to a high number of pedestrian deaths annually.Whereas texting and driving is considered dangerous, walking and texting has had its equal share in the rise of pedestrian deaths. To minimize the danger of being run over by an automobile, always keep your head high and your phone in your bag or pocket. What matters most is reaching your destination safe and sound.

  • Avoid using Ear Plugs while walking. 

Having your earbuds on while walking along a busy street exposes you to multiple risks. You will not be able to hear an oncoming car or when the driver hoots to warn you. You are also less likely to intercept a potential mugger with an iPod or MP3 player blocking your hearing senses. To be on the safe side, avoid wearing earplugs or earphones when walking along busy and possibly dangerous streets.

  • Walk Against Traffic

This is better suited, especially when walking along a road or street with no sidewalk. Walking on the left side of the road means you can clearly see approaching traffic and, most importantly, evade danger if necessary. Walking against the traffic so that you are facing oncoming vehicles is a safer bet.

  • Watch Out For Bikes and Runners

Walking on a bike/pedestrian lane is much safer than the main street. However, beware of bike riders and runners. Always walk in a single file to give them ample room to pass. Instinctively, stay alert, so you can hear a bike bell warning you of an approaching rider from behind. Bike accidents are known to be catastrophic, and you could be the most significant casualty since you have no helmet.

  • Walk Fast and Cautiously

If you focus on your destination, you’ll resist the remote to fish out your phone and start scrolling through as you walk along the streets. Being aware of your surroundings helps to avoid dangerous hotspots like sharp bends and intersections. It pays to be cautious when around such places.

  • Cross Safely

Look left, look right, no cars, no buses… Although it might sound cliche, it might as well be one of the most important rules while using the road. Always use the crosswalk and make sure you cross when the pedestrian light is on. Wave at any oncoming vehicle and make sure the driver sees you. Do everything in your power to avert danger and remain safe. Your safety begins with you. You, therefore, must be in charge of your own safety. Most importantly, if you are a victim of being injured as a pedestrian, you will need the help of a personal injury attorney. With an attorney, you can rest assured that you will not need to foot any medical bills, especially, if you were not at fault.

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