Essential Golf Bag Features for Every Player

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Do you or someone you know love golfing? Maybe you are looking for more opportunities to have fun with friends and family, while also maintaining social distancing? If any of this sounds familiar, then golfing might be a fun pastime to consider pursuing. There are a few things which you need to know as a golfer, such as the rules and etiquette of the game. There are also important things that you should know about the equipment, known as clubs, bags, putters, tees, and many other objects. The most important piece of equipment is arguably the golf bag, since without it, golfers would be required to carry all their clubs, balls, and tees, limiting their choices and enjoyment. This article will seek to break down the different essential golf bag features that every player can benefit from. There is no need to let your game suffer because of your equipment. Make sure you give yourself every opportunity to focus on improving. 


One of the main purposes of golf bags is to provide space to store all the items you need to play the game. This includes things like golf balls, tees, and ofcourse the clubs. Many golf bags have side pockets which are intended to provide storage space for these items. Generally speaking, bags which are meant for carts have more storage space, since they are not intended to be carried around for hours at a time. IF your golf bag does not have enough pockets to fulfill your needs, then you can consider looking for a new one, or begin researching things like addons which can increase the amount of storage space that your golf bag has. 

Club Divider

A club divider is one of the most helpful and practical features of any golf bag. This portion of the golf bag is located in the center, and provides a number of different spaces to help organize your golf clubs. This will help you to keep your irons, woods, and drivers separated. Some golf bags even have a specific part for irons, which allow you to keep them in order for quick use. Another similar feature which many golf bags have is a little space to keep your putter, or putters. This helps prevent your putter from falling into the bag, since it is usually much shorter than the other clubs. This type of divider is called a putter well. It can also assist with keeping your putter from being damaged by other clubs. Being successful at anything requires you to be organized, which is why a club divider is an essential feature of any golf bag. 

Cart or Walking

In golf there are generally two different kinds of bags which you can choose from, depending on the way you like to play. Many people like to carry their clubs from shot to shot, allowing them to get some exercise in while they are not shooting. If you are someone who likes to walk then you should use a golf bag with a built in stand. Other people prefer a larger bag which is meant to be attached to a golf cart. Experts recommend using online resources to help you find the best cart bag for golf, if you are someone who likes to bring more equipment along. These types of bags have a much larger capacity, which allows you to bring extra club options, balls, tees, and other items which can help you to play well more consistently. 

Lightweight Shell

One thing which is true of most golf bags is that they tend to get pretty heavy. When filled with things like golf balls, heavy metal irons, putters, woods, and drivers, the combined weight of your golf bag can increase substantially. This can be an issue for people who need to transport their clubs to and from the course, or who intend to carry their bag for the round, rather than use a cart. In order to reduce the overall weight of your golf bag, consider things like lightweight shell bags. These bags use things like carbon fibre, and other lightweight but durable materials in order to create a golf bag that is both light and protective. This will make carrying and transporting your bag much easier, and help with people who might be elderly or differently abled. 

Rain Hood

Since golf takes place outside, a reality of the sport is that sometimes you have to play in the rain. If you are out playing golf when a torrential downpour hits, the last thing you want is your golf bag to fill up with water. This can ruin your bag, clubs, and make what is supposed to be a fun activity a nightmare. By including a rain hood on your golf bag, then you will always be prepared when it begins to rain.


One of the primary reasons that people use golf bags is to help keep their clubs protected. Depending on the brand and level of your clubs, some individual items can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. For this reason, an essential part of any golf bag should be the padding. This will allow your bag to withstand the bumping and jostling that inevitably occurs when your bag is riding around in a golf cart, or in the trunk of your car. 

Hopefully this article has been helpful and informative regarding the different essential golf bag features that all players can benefit from. Being able to do anything, including golf, is often a matter of practice, and having the right tools. In order to always have the right tools on hand, it is essential to have a safe, convenient, and accommodating place to store them. By finding a golf bag that has all of the aforementioned features, then you should have no problem fitting all your essential tools and equipment. Why handicap yourself unnecessarily by using a small bag that doesn’t have room for all your clubs, balls, tees, and other essential items? Take your game to the next level and you will need to lower your handicap! 

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