Why Having a Weekend Getaway is a Great Gift to Give Yourself

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Everybody needs to have a break from time to time, particularly if you are subjected to stress most of the time following your daily routine. In this case, it is a good idea for you to consider taking a short but fun and well-deserved weekend getaway, which is a great reward for yourself because of the several benefits that you can garner from it. Rest assured that with a short weekend trip, you don’t need to use up your vacation leaves or even book an expensive flight or hotel accommodation.

So Why Is Having a Weekend Getaway a Great Gift to Give Yourself?

Well, the main reason is that a short break will do wonders for your health, not only physically, but more so emotionally and mentally. Several studies show that taking some time off can lead to less stress and depression, as well as more positive emotions and satisfaction. In this way, you will feel more productive and recharged as soon as you get back to your routine, ready to face even a manic Monday.

But Where Is the Best Place to Spend the Weekend?

If you happen to be in Oregon, then you should take some time to visit Christmas Valley, even just for the weekend. Here, you will have the chance to visit Fort Rock, which is an ancient volcano that is over 50000 years old. There is also the option for you to head to the Crack in the Ground if you want to get closer to nature. The best part is that you can even bring your furry friend with you as you embark on this amazing trail.

If you want to bask in a scenic hike, then you should go over Table Rock, which was once home to the Takelma Indians. You can also ride a 4×4 vehicle to explore the wilderness of The Lost Forest or embark on a fishing adventure in the Ana or Thompson Reservoir, which are both hit areas for beginners and seasoned fishing enthusiasts alike. With all the things that you can do within the Christmas Valley area, one weekend won’t be enough, making you want to spend every weekend in the place until you have fully explored the area.

Rest assured that there are several places where you can spend the night or two in this area. One of the best places where you can stay during your visit is Lakeside Restaurant, Motel and RV Park because they are located just 500 meters away from the center of the valley. Thus, you will not have a difficult time getting to the different areas of the valley to explore everything that you can do there.

Make sure to take a break from time to time because this is necessary for your overall well-being. This means that you should always consider the weekend as a time for you to recharge and rejuvenate, preparing yourself to face the new week ahead. If there is no chance for you to spend a weekend getaway elsewhere, a weekend getaway in your backyard will probably be sufficient.

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