Holidays are wonderful things but, generally speaking, they are not exactly great for the environment, particularly if you’re holidaying abroad. In the current climate, it is essential to take a more environmentally friendly approach to travel.  Staycations are becoming more and more popular within the UK but how can you plan a great eco-friendly vacation? How can you be eco-friendly while enjoying everything the UK has to offer?

Don’t fly and drive

The UK is a vast place with so much to offer holidaymakers and whilst it might be tempting to take a cheap flight if you live in the south and want to visit the Scottish highlands, the train is a significantly more eco-friendly alternative. Rather than take a car, meanwhile, a train from Stevenage to Welwyn Garden City, for example, will generally be much faster.

Location location location

There are hundreds of locations in the UK that qualify as incredibly ecologically conservative destinations. There are dozens of programs around the country that allow families to lay hedges, build habitats and restore waterways, to name but a few. There are also hundreds of glorious nature reserves scattered across the country and unique natural wonders such as Welwyn Garden City. 

Eco-friendly accommodation

Hotels are certainly convenient and comfortable but they are also major producers of greenhouse gases and are notoriously wasteful, particularly in a post-COVID world. So, why not instead opt for a camping holiday or look for accommodation that utilises eco-friendly practices such as solar energy. Green tourism is a major business these days so you’d be surprised how much there is out there. If you simply can’t do without the creature comforts, consider ‘glamping’ in a luxury yurt or maybe a hotel made from sustainable materials?

Pack light

The less you take with you, the lighter your carbon footprint will be because heavy luggage needs more fuel to carry. Take only what is necessary and try to only take toiletries and beauty products that are sustainable and sustainably packaged. Also, always avoid bottled water wherever possible. Tap water across the UK is perfectly safe to drink and that’s one of the best things about eco-friendly UK travel.

Buy local

Buying a locally-brewed beer not only means you’re going to be drinking a glorious and fresh local ale that you might not get anywhere else but it means there has been significantly less carbon expended getting it to your lips. The same is also true of your dining while on holiday. Stick to unique and local establishments and you’ll be that much more likely to be treated with locally-sourced food that hasn’t had to travel hundreds of miles to land on your plate.

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