How You Can Support the Travel and Tourism Industry

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For those of us brimming with wanderlust, who relish any opportunity to travel through new lands — who see travel as a right — we feel a special affinity with the tourism and travel industry. It enables each of us to realize our dreams and purpose. And these industries support many of the people we meet on our travels, who furnish us with advice and fill our stomachs with tasty new cuisine. Traveling, though, isn’t always enough. This raises an important question for global ramblers: How can we help these industries when we aren’t traveling? You could consider investing. 

How to Start Investing 

If you’re new to investing, you likely won’t know where to start. That’s where apps come in – making novices to investing simple, in a format we’re all acquainted with. Very few sectors of modern life have escaped the evolution of apps, and the same goes for investing. There are many apps out there like the Dr Wealth App that make investing easier than ever. While some apps allocate a certain amount of money into portfolios based on your preferences, other apps allow you to choose certain industries. This makes it easier for you to invest in the industries you care about, such as travel, tourism, and complementary industries. 

Travel Sectors to Consider Investing In

Online Travel 

Travel is one industry that has seen a notably large shift to online services. Long gone are the days when you’d visit a physical travel agent; most of us now just hop online for the best deals. Online travel sites big and small are thriving. The superior deals and choice they offer drives high rates of traffic to their sites. Many are publicly traded companies, too, meaning you can invest in these thriving companies.


The hotel industry has struggled to keep up during Airbnb’s sharp growth in popularity. For many of us, though, we love hotels because they offer so many experiences that an Airbnb can’t. They are steeped in history and culture, and at some point, we have all benefited from the kindness and peerless advice of their staff. Despite Airbnb’s growing dominance, hotels and hotel chains are still a sound investment choice. The market is dominated by a few chains that are performing well, which means you can rely on a good return on your investment. 


Cruising is more than 100 years old, though it doesn’t have the largest consumer base. But, while this field may be smaller, it is one of the strongest. Lots of people who cruise, cruise a lot. As a result, the cruise industry is strong and stable, which makes it a good place to invest — particularly if you are a cruiser and have developed a great fondness for cruising. If, like us, you see travel as a moral imperative, then you’ll likely be keen to support these industries the best you can. There are lots of great options out there that could be a good use of your money.

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