The Benefits of Whole Grains For Helping Your Liver

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Seeds of grass-like plants are known as whole grains. There are certain non-glass-like plant seeds as well which are also termed as whole grains because of similar properties.  People often tend to get confused between whole grains and refined grains. Well, in order to solve the confusion, a whole grain kernel is the one that comes with the following three parts:

  • Bran – It is the outer hard shell that is made up of fiber, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Endosperm – It is the middle layer (what is found in refined grains) which is mostly made up of carbohydrates. 
  • Germ – It is the inner layer of the kernel which is made up of plant compounds, protein and certain vitamins and minerals.

Refined grains on the other hand are processed forms of whole grains. In their case, the bran and the germ layer is removed and you are mostly left with carbs at the end. Although they are healthy as well, they are no competition to the amount of health benefits that whole grains have to offer. From natural hormones to essential vitamins and minerals, whole grains offer it all. 

How Whole Grains Help Your Liver?

Whole grains are known to be packed with a number of essential nutrients, each offering its own set of benefits for our bodies to function properly. Out of all, you are surprised to find out the number of health benefits that whole grains have to offer to your liver – helping in function properly and keeping it healthy. 


  • Fiber


Whole grains are known to be a rich source of fiber which is not commonly found in other ingredients that we consume on a daily basis. Most liver diseases are caused due to the accumulation of sugar in the liver.  Fiber rich products help prevent the overloading of sugar by regulating the blood sugar and cholesterol level. 

Fiber is also known to help the liver with absorption of food and removal of harmful toxins from our bloodstream.  Furthermore it is also the food for gut bacteria residing in our digestive tract which helps promote mental and physical health.

2.      Protein

Liver function can be affected by alcohol abuse, high cholesterol levels and obesity.  Obesity and high cholesterol levels are linked to bad fats which are often found in animal meat.  Whole grains are also rich in proteins thus they can easily replace the high portion of meat that we consume to fulfill our protein requirement. This helps us maintain adequate weight and reduce the risk of liver functions.

3.      Antioxidants

 Our bloodstream is constantly packed with compounds known as free radicals.  In simple terms there are also known as germs that cause damage to the external and internal organs by directly damaging the cells in our body.  In most cases free radicals cause inflammation in the liver which can lead to liver cancer and other liver diseases. 

 Whole grains are packed with powerful antioxidants that help them fight the free radicals and keep your liver and bloodstream clean. The most common antioxidants found in whole grains include lignans, phytic acid, ferulic acid and other sulfur compounds. 

4.      Vitamins and Minerals 

Since whole grains are plant derived food thus they are rich in a number of plant compounds that help keep your body healthy and protected against diseases.  The most common vitamins and mineral compounds found in whole grains are zinc, polyphenols, stanols, and sterols.  These compounds also help prevent inflammation in the liver – allowing it to function properly. 

Ways To Prevent Liver Damage

Since the liver is one of the most important internal organs in your system, thus it is important that you do everything to keep it healthy and going for as long as possible. Apart from eating healthy, here are a few other ways in which you can prevent liver damage. 

    • Limit your alcohol intake – Alcohol is one of the biggest enemies of your liver.  Heavy drinkers often end up with liver cancer within a few years. So limit your intake and try to replace your ‘getting high’ need with something less harmful such as Bali Gold Kratom which you can easily buy from Kratom Krush
  • Quit smoking – If you are suffering from liver damage, then it is important that you quit smoking or Kratom buy right away, read more to know its benefits. According to research, tobacco has been identified as the leading cause of a number of life-threatening diseases including cancer.
  • Overcoming Obesity – it is often hard to overcome obesity as maintaining a healthy weight is not in our control sometimes. But since being overweight can lead to a number of health conditions including fatty liver damage and diabetes thus starting your journey right now and step by step you will reach your goal. 
  • Regular Medical Checkups – A number of inherited medical conditions can lead to liver damage. Thus it is important that you get regular medical checkups in order to diagnose the conditions as early as possible to avoid liver cirrhosis.


According to multiple studies conducted around the globe, whole grains are packed with a number of healthy nutrients that should be part of your daily meals. Not only does eating whole grains help with liver diseases but also provides a number of other health benefits. So what are you waiting for? Include them in your diet plan right away and enjoy a healthy and young liver and other unmatched health benefits. 

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