Qualities to Look For in an Online Psychiatrist

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Mental health is a vitally important part of our overall well being and poor emotional health can have detrimental effects on our physical health and general lifestyle. Seeking support with mental issues should be a priority for everyone, no matter how well you think you can cope with these. Although sometimes individuals believe they are coping effectively with any mental health challenges, they may be suppressing issues that will worsen and cause further damage to them. It can be very awkward to face a stranger and have to open up to them in order to disclose information about you that probably no one else knows. It is therefore vital that you find a psychiatrist with the skills that will encourage you to engage with them. In this article, we will discuss what qualities you should look for in an online psychiatrist.

Active Listening Skills

There is more to listening than simply sitting across from someone and hearing the words that are coming out of their mouth. A good psychiatrist, even when offering online sessions, will have impeccable active listening skills, which is a technique commonly used by professionals in therapy. This requires the listener to fully focus, comprehend, and remember what is being said. Imagine talking about your deepest secrets and noticing that the other person is not interested or keeps getting distracted – this is something that you will want to avoid.

Friendly and Welcoming

As mentioned above, a psychiatrist will be a stranger to you and the majority of people will find it difficult to open up to people they do not know. This can be even more difficult when sessions take place online, where you do not have physical contact with the person. A good psychiatrist will understand this and be friendly and welcoming in order to provide the safe space you require in order to feel comfortable enough to talk to them.

Possesses Some humility

Sometimes, professionals can develop arrogance, thinking they know exactly what your issue is as they are the ones with the education, training and experience. However, humility is a great quality for a psychiatrist to have, as they will understand that mental health is not unique and it faces constant modifications. If you ever come across a mental health practitioner that admits to not having the answer to something, this is a good sign. You will want a professional that is curious and that treats you uniquely and that is keen to keep on learning in order to find the best support for you as an individual.

Prescribes Judiciously

One of the worst things a psychiatrist can do is to quickly diagnose you and readily prescribe you medication. As mentioned above, mental health is ambiguous and it will take more than just one or two sessions for a professional to generate a diagnosis. If you feel that you are being rushed into prescribed treatments, this is a bad sign and you should continue your research for a good psychiatrist.

Addresses Underlying Conditions

Psychiatrists actually attend medical school in order to get their qualification. This means they are able to make connections between physical symptoms and mental health and even able to explore both sides, and treat it rather than solely focusing on mental health. Mental health issues, like depression, are not always caused by something that is making you sad, it can be a result of a physical health issue that has not been diagnosed yet. A good psychiatrist will advise you to undergo different tests in order to investigate and potentially eliminate all factors that could be impacting on your mental wellbeing before prescribing you a treatment.

Refers to Other Doctors

Despite what many people may assume, doctors do not know everything – it is important to be aware of this as a patient. A good professional also understands this, and may refer you to other doctors with a higher level of expertise in the area of support you require. This includes psychologists who are experts in delivering behavioural therapies, which can help you more than medication.

Thinks Holistically

A good psychiatrist will think holistically, meaning that they will consider every aspect of your life and ask you relevant questions about your lifestyle, such as diet, physical activity, sleep patterns, important relationships and support systems you have in place. A good psychiatrist will not just prescribe you medication; they can actually prescribe you non-pharmaceutical approaches to improve mental health, such as yoga, some form of exercise, mindfulness or basic counselling.

If you feel that you are suffering from mental health issues, you should consult a professional, even if it is online. There are many remote psychiatrists available and you can explore their websites, which are similar to the one provided by thrivetalk.com/online-psychiatrist/, so that you can obtain the support you require. It is vital that you do not ignore any signs suggesting a deterioration in your emotional wellbeing to prevent severe issues to develop.

Consults Other Physicians

A good quality to look for in a psychiatrist is the ability to consult with others. This is something that every professional should do, no matter what area they work in. However, considering the high complexities of mental health, this is a crucial skill in this particular area. Best practice comes from discussing cases with colleagues who are able to offer different perspectives on a patient and potential diagnosis.

Is Accessible

Being able to easily access your psychiatrist is very beneficial for your relationship as this strengthens the bond between the two of you. This way you can discuss any concerns you may have in-between appointments, rather than having to wait a few days or weeks until you next see them. Although some professionals are incredibly busy with diverse patients, offering online support should increase resources available for you to contact your psychiatrist and they should be okay with this.

Gives Hope

A great psychiatrist will pay close attention to your issues and provide you with the hope you need to believe that you will recover. Any patient, who is not encouraged by professionals and has no hope, will not be motivated to effectively engage with any form of treatment in order to improve. This does not mean your psychiatrist should be making unrealistic promises about your recovery, but rather praise you for any progress and remind you that it will take time but that you will get there.

Finding a good online psychologist can be difficult, but do not let this put you off finding professional help if you are suffering from mental health. Follow some of the guidance provided in this article, and you should be able to find the psychiatrist with the most amazing qualities to support you.

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