Why Travel Blogging is So Popular

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We know that travel channels such as Nat Geo Travel, Viasat Travel, or Discovery Travel have millions of fans. Now that the coronavirus crisis has limited our ability to travel, travel blogs are experiencing a new upswing. The travel blogging sector is now gathering audiences not only from major TV networks and sites but also at private blogs, small sites, and social media accounts. If you’ve ever thought about starting a travel blog, now is the time to do it!

Digital travel is almost as good as a real thing

Coronavirus isn’t the only reason that keeps us from traveling. Lots of people don’t have the time or money to visit their dream places. Travel blogs allow them to see the sights they aren’t able to visit in real life yet. What’s more, the pictures and videos in the travel blogs are usually edited, retouched, and made even more beautiful than the places are in real life. It allows the audience to have an enhanced experience without scorching heat, freezing cold, swarms of flies, or other drawbacks of going places.

Digital travel doesn’t require long planning, thinking about how to get there, places to stay, and tons of other boring tasks. All you need to do is to click on the site icon and see that someone has done that already. Of course, the emotions you get from digital traveling aren’t as vivid as from real one, but they are extremely easy to get, instantly available, and are free or less costly.

You may learn from other people’s mistakes

When you are planning to travel to the new place for the first time, there are incredibly many sources of anxiety. Do you need vaccination? Are the flights safe? Can you get a decent hotel? Are there any traditions you have to respect and dangers you have to avoid? Travel blogs allow you to experience everything that the traveler can see in your chosen country, get the fullest information about it, and some tips about staying out of trouble.

Famous bloggers are often traveling with the crew, so their journeys are usually safer than the journeys of random people. But still, if a blogger posts their experience from the safety of their home – they have definitely completed their journey and successfully returned. You don’t have to worry about them while reading their blog, it’s like watching a movie knowing that it has a happy ending.

Travel blogging is the career you can enjoy

What can be better for an outgoing person than to be paid for their travel? Lots of travel bloggers do make their blogs for a living. Paid subscriptions, sponsorships, and advertisements that pay back can bring you enough money to plan the subsequent travels and have a nice and cozy life between them. Of course, bloggers have to take an effort to achieve such results, but promotion, using different services like Stormlikes to attract more people to the travel blog, and useful for other people content creation brings achievable results.

The drawback of that approach is that you do have to travel to earn your money. People are expecting you to do it. So, it is wise to choose a full-fledged travel blogger career only if you are totally sure that it is what you are going to do for a long time. Usually, you get the understanding if this career suits you after three or four travels to different places and experiencing all the wonders and troubles of this lifestyle. But even as a hobby, travel blogging can cover your travel expenses, partially at least. Just don’t be shy about it! People are more than eager to pay for something that amuses them.

Travel blog is the education made fun

We, humans, are curious creatures. We love to learn about different places, countries, and cultures. Travel blogs give us this opportunity even if we don’t like to travel in person. We can satisfy our urge to learn without experiencing discomfort and anxiety about travel. It is totally fine to not want to leave the safety of your home and still want to learn.

A travel blog can be both an enjoyable experience and a valuable lesson about culture, history, geography, and biology wrapped into the wonderful pictures, videos, and stories. Such lessons have much higher chances to be remembered.

Travel blogging is one of the few jobs that pay for your satisfaction, new experience, and enjoyment. This career demands devotion and creativity, but travel blogs are always popular and can become the main source of your income.

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