Packing for a Las Vegas Adventure

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Las Vegas attracts millions of visitors each year and while many people will be heading to the casinos to try their luck and hopefully be the next big winner, there are many other attractions and things to do on your Vegas adventure. When you are planning your trip, take some time to create a check-list and make sure you include some essentials as you are packing. Each person will have a different agenda when they get to Vegas, so their packing list will vary however, we cover the most important items to bring so that you are always prepared to enjoy everything that his amazing city has to offer. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime and prepare to head to Vegas!


This will make up the largest portion of your packing and you will have to plan on what to wear based on what you are doing. If you do not plan to hit the clubs or formal restaurants, casual clothing will do just fine. Be sure to bring some light sweaters and pants as it can get chilly in the evening. If you plan on hitting the casinos, some will have a dress code, so you may not be able to wear your flip flops and tank tops on the casino floor. In the evening, many casinos will have a strict dress code, so you may want to bring something a little dressier. For those who are hitting the clubs or shows for an evening, formal wear may be required. These are not black-tie events, but men should wear shirts with collars and at least a sports jacket and women can dress in gowns or dress slacks. Staying at a casino hotel? You will want to take advantage of the amenities like the pool and spas. Be sure to pack swimwear to enjoy the pool or to lounge in the sun.

Shoes for Many Occasions

The Vegas Strip is over 4 miles long and chances are, you will be walking it. Be sure to include some comfortable walking shoes on your packing list. Aside from having some comfy sneakers, also include sandals for lounging by the pool as well as dress shoes if you plan on gambling in the evening or taking in a show or dinner. You will be surprised at how much walking will be done even if you are just spending a few days in Vegas, so be sure to bring appropriate footwear for any occasion.

Money, Money, Money

A trip to Vegas is far from cheap and once you get on the Strip or in the city, you will be spending more than you think. Bringing cash to Vegas is important if you plan to spend any time on the casino floors. You will have to have cash to play games and will also want some extra to be able to tip dealers if you get a big win. You will also want to have cash on hand for taxi rides or to tip maids or room service at the hotel. It is always good to have cash in hand instead of relying on your credit card when in Vegas. Many ATMs that are located in casinos and along the Strip will have high fees, with some as high as $5 per transaction. It makes more sense to bring enough cash to avoid unnecessary fees. Just be sure to keep your cash stores securely in the hotel safe. Never carry more than you plan to spend.

Valid ID

While you should never travel without a valid ID, it is even more important in Vegas. Many of the attractions are adult-only and you will have to show ID to prove your age to enter. This also applies to playing games on the casino floor or for entering clubs. You will also find your ID is checked often if you are purchasing liquor in clubs or at local bars. Most of the locations in Vegas has a strict 21 and over policy, so you will need to have your ID readily available if you wish to enjoy all the city has to offer.

Aspirin and Other Medications

Vegas is a party city and many visitors are known to overindulge at nightclubs and bars. Waking up in the morning with a nasty hangover is no way to start the day, so make sure you pack medications that can help with headaches or nausea if you are a drinker and plan on partying. Take some aspirin with string coffee and grab a healthy breakfast at one of the great breakfast buffets to beat your hangover and prepare for another exciting day in Vegas! You will also want to make sure you pack all prescription medications and have your medical cards with you in case of an emergency. No matter what you pack for your Vegas adventure, it will do you no good if you fall ill. Be sure to bring along anything that would be needed for colds, hangovers, headaches, or any other common ailments you may experience.

Don’t Forget Your Adventurous Spirit

Vegas is a city full of adventure, so you will want to make sure you bring along your positive attitude. Be ready to enjoy many attractions, an amazing nightlife, and casino action like nowhere else in the world. There is surely no lack of entertainment options in Vegas, but if you prefer, you can always take a day to relax at a casino resort spa or spend the day reading by the pool.

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