The Ultimate Gift List for Travel Junkies

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Why do people love to travel? People tend to get so caught up in their daily lives sometimes. Through traveling, it helps you take a break and unwind. You can also discover and learn a lot about yourself. Traveling makes you more open and you will learn to accept and appreciate cultural differences. You may try different activities you’ve never tried before and experience to see beautiful places and landscapes. A traveler, whether a luxurious or backpacker, always needs something that completes their travel journey.

Finding the best gifts for frequent travelers can be quite challenging as you have a lot of options to choose from. Most travel essentials that travelers prefer are things that are small, durable, lightweight, and sometimes multifunctional. Anything portable is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone who loves to travel.

Wondering what the best gift you want to give to your travel junkie friends? Here’s the list of the perfect gift ideas that are also essential for travel.

Portable Charger

In this modern era, most people use smartphones, cameras, and other portable gadgets a lot. It’s a must-have for everyone, wherever they go. For travelers, there’s nothing worse than having their phone die while exploring new places. Dead phones can be an extra headache if you need to search for something through the internet or you need to contact someone regarding your trip. A portable charger or also known as a power bank, the life savior of every gadget. It is handy and proficient enough to recharge a phone for certain hours at any place. This provides full power for the phone to work efficiently.

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are one of the most common items to pack for long drives or long-haul trips. U shaped neck pillows are very popular support for the head, neck, and shoulders as it offers comfort and safety. As you travel, it’s hard to place your head in a certain position where you can comfortably rest. Having a good quality of neck pillow helps you rest and take a nap at ease.  This also prevents you from having a stiff neck, which is a common problem of travelers.

Bluetooth Speaker

A portable Bluetooth speaker gives instant access to play music while relaxing at the beach or during camping. It is a perfect gift for travel as there is no need to compromise with the wiring and placement of the speakers. Portability is a great feature of this gadget. You can bring and use it anywhere you want.

Travel Adapter

One of the problems that travelers encounter when traveling is different electrical outlets. When you need to plug in any of your devices during a trip abroad, it is essential to have an adapter. Universal travel adapters support a dual-voltage appliance that helps the plugs on your devices to properly work in other countries. It has a variation of sizes and designs, from single region adapters to universal travel adapters that are fit in most countries.

Travel Bag Organizer

Travel organizers allow you to maximize the space in your bag. It has different types such as packing cubes, toiletry kit, compression bags, and gadget cases that come in different sizes and designs. This ensures your belongings are well-protected. You can have a roundup of the best travel gifts as you have a lot of options to choose from. Some travelers don’t prefer organizers inside their traveling bag, but if you know someone that prefers everything to be organized, this is a perfect gift for them.

GPS Tracker

This device provides a lot of benefits to travelers. It can help you track your stolen bag, map your trips, track your kids, pets, or vehicle, and locate any stuff that you need such as keys, wallets, or mobile phones. GPS tracker proves to be a lifesaving device, especially during important matters. If you plan to buy this as a gift, make sure that it can be used internationally so it can work anywhere they go.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

A portable luggage scale is also considered as a lifesaver device during travel. It is a perfect gift for someone that travels a lot. It is easy to use to know how much your bag weighs and saves you in paying extra charges for excessive weight.

Portable Tripod

Almost everyone who travels uses a smartphone, compact camera, or professional camera to capture memories and beautiful sceneries while they travel. For you to capture better travel photos, it is better to have a travel tripod. This is a perfect gift idea for travelers to help them take better photos without a lot of effort. Using a portable tripod enhances the quality of the photos you take and it looks more professional and natural. Some tripods are also called gorilla pods where you set it up wherever you want and take the shot properly. It is a good idea, especially for solo travelers.

Insulated Tumbler

Insulated water bottles are a great replacement for plastic bottles and it is very popular nowadays. This is one of the best gift ideas on the go to keep your drink warm or cold. Reducing the use of plastic bottles is a big help in saving the environment. Most of the modern insulated tumblers have a splash and leakproof lids, which is good for traveling.

Dry Bag

Most people who travel love to go to the beach and they usually don’t enjoy their beach trip because they fear that their belongings might get wet. A dry bag provides a huge help to keep your stuff dry and protected. It varies in different sizes and the largest size can keep a lot of things inside the bag. Giving this as a gift is a better option to enjoy the activities they want to try without worrying about their stuff getting wet. 

Most of the travelers usually pack lighter. Whether you are looking for inexpensive or extravagant gifts, you will find tons of ideas and options for all budgets. You can also give other kinds of gifts such as travel vouchers or travel insurance that can also be beneficial to them especially for those who travel a lot.

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