Top 5 Design Tricks To Make A Small Backyard Magical

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Not all of us have acres of space for rolling green lawns and perfectly appointed gardens. You might have a small garden because you live in a built-up area or can’t afford it. Before you start playing the lottery, or hitting the slots at Gclub, count your blessings. The bigger the garden, the more maintenance it requires. A small area is easy to keep tidy and can be striking if handled with care. In this post, we’ll look at ways to make your small backyard a magical haven you will never want to leave.

Install A Sauna

Nothing says spa-quality quite like a personal sauna. Saunas built to accommodate one or two people don’t cost much to install. It also adds an instant ‘wow’ factor. An outside sauna is also practical for home maintenance—you don’t have to worry about the steam or heat affecting the rest of the home. If you live in an area with a moderate climate, the idea works perfectly. In areas with below-freezing temperatures, you may need to reconsider your options. Moving from the heated sauna to icy cold air is bracing on a frigid day, but it’s not for everyone.

Create A Multipurpose Space

Ideally, we’d have space for a greenhouse, a separate dining area, and a secret garden. Where that’s not a practical option, a clever multipurpose space can fill in the gaps. Start by designing the space for maximum utility. A fold-up table could double as wall décor when not in use. You can build comfortable concrete benches against walls to double as storage space. Perhaps you could install seating with storage space, too. A hanging chair adds an air of relaxation without using up too much floor space. Drapes act as an effective partition for privacy, easily drawn back when you need more visibility or light.

Break Things Up With Levels

Different levels in any garden add extra depth and interest points. The technique breaks up space visually, making it harder to see how small it is in reality. The different levels allow you to assign areas in the garden to different purposes, too. A koi pond at ground level could create a focal point, whereas a slightly raised platform provides the ideal space for a table and chairs. You could break up the levels further by planting shrubs and small trees of different heights. 

Incorporate Useful Items

If you love relaxing in the garden, it makes sense to create a shady nook. Break the space up to create a garden shed in one corner and a comfortable reading nook in the other. Alternatively, think about incorporating items that you will use often. A small greenhouse might, for example, prove more useful than an outdoor shower if you don’t spend much time outdoors. 

Final Notes

Making an impact with a small garden is simpler in many ways. It’s easier to direct the eye and pique interest with well-chosen focal areas. Keeping the space neat involves a lot less hard work, too. With simple design tricks, you can transform any garden into a masterpiece.

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