The World’s Most Luxurious Resorts

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Visiting a resort is one of the best ways to get a completely chilled-out vacation experience, but not all resorts are created equal and sifting through the various options if you are set on spending your time off in luxury is a challenge. With that in mind, here are a handful of high profile resorts that put opulent pampering at the top of the agenda, making them ideal to book if you really want to treat yourself on your next trip.

The Venetian Macau

Not only is the Venetian Macau an amazing luxury resort pitched at people who want to see the best that East Asia has to offer; it is also home to the world’s largest casino and spans an immense area of land, offering incredible amenities for everyone.

The casino element is especially impressive, and unsurprisingly this resort is the counterpart of a similarly venerable Las Vegas venue. There are hundreds of table games, thousands of slot machines and even a sporting arena where live events take place. If you would rather enjoy the many restaurants, pools and spas, you can always click here to play online casino games over the resort’s Wi-Fi instead.

Atlantis, The Palm

Over the last decade, Dubai has established itself as an appealing vacation destination, with its mega-hotels and sprawling resorts drawing people from across the globe. If you want guaranteed sunshine and five star luxury, Atlantis is the Dubai hotel to visit.

As well as well equipped rooms, outstanding customer service and jaw-dropping architecture, the resort also has its own water park as well as lots of other aquatic activities to try out that fit in with its name. There is an aquarium where you can see weird and wonderful marine life up close, as well as opportunities to swim with dolphins and cavort with sea lions for an even more intimate experience.

OZEN by Atmosphere

Some luxury resorts are brimming with energy and bursting with excitable holidaymakers, but sometimes you want a more isolated yet no less indulgent time away. This is where OZEN comes into play, pitching up in the paradise of the Maldives and providing a drop of exclusivity for every guest while still embracing the all-inclusive approach.

The accommodation juts out into the crystal clear, warm waters of the Indian Ocean which surround the islands and the resort even has its very own sand bank which is reserved for the use of guests who want to go diving. The nightly rate is suitably steep to accommodate perks like a nanny for those with children, but true luxury always comes at a price.

Dromoland Castle

As the name suggests, this resort is housed in a genuinely ancient castle, nestled in amongst the gorgeous, green, rolling landscape of Ireland. Indeed most of the land you can see from the castle itself forms part of the wider Dromoland estate, meaning that there are ample opportunities for all sorts of different activities and excursions.

From playing golf on the world-class course situated on the doorstep of the hotel’s main building, to boating on the lake and strolling through the woods and fields where falconers still ply their trade for the entertainment of guests, it mixes old and new elements to perfection.

Each room is a marvel in its own right, with four poster beds, antique furnishings and contemporary amenities making it hard to justify leaving! It proves that the concept of luxury is fairly broad and can be interpreted in different ways, catering to guests who are looking for something a little different from that which is found in 21st century resorts.

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