How Much Does a Wedding Really Cost You?

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According to the recent Annual National Wedding Survey, the average cost of a UK wedding in 2019 was a staggering £31,974. From the dress to the honeymoon, prices can soon start to add up into figures you’d never have dreamed of in your initial budget for the big day. Here’s how much a wedding really costs, and some ways in which you can cut the prices down and Compare the market can help. You can also find great limo deals at Limo Find.

The Dress

Many brides’ initial focus when wedding planning is finding the perfect dress. On average, a bridal boutique dress will cost between £900- £3,000, while couture designer dresses start at approximately £1,600. If purchasing from a high-street store, dresses can start from as cheap as £100 and go up to an average of £1,000, though bear in mind the price can vary dramatically depending on the style of gown chosen or if the dress is vintage or not. It may be worth considering shopping at stores that do sample sales for wedding dresses, where you could save as much as 50% off the original price. 

The Groom’s Attire 

For the groom’s outfit, you are looking at roughly £800 all in all. Again, this figure can vary depending on whether or not the suit is high-street or designer, or if the groom chooses to wear clothing such as a kilt or similar. Remember that many boutiques also do sample sales for the groom and usher’s clothing as well as the brides. 

The Venue 

Arguably one of the most important factors of the big day, the average cost of a venue is between £5,000 – £6,000. This will depend of course on whether the venue is in the city or country, or if it’s luxury or casual. Most wedding organisers and suppliers will encourage you to book the venue early on in your planning process, ensuring it is secured due to its high expense. 

The Cake

A wedding cake on average will set you back between £300 and £500 approximately, however this figure really is never ending depending on how big and elaborate you wish your cake to be. Cupcakes and dessert buffets are becoming increasingly popular with bride and grooms to cut out a large amount of budget. These options are not only cheaper but also give you a lot more choice in flavours and design, offering something for everyone. 

The Photos 

According to the latest ‘wedding photographer survey’, the average cost for 2019/ 2020 is £1,560. While a photographer may not be something you wish to compromise quality on, there are ways in which you can adjust prices, such as purchasing a digital copy of your photos as opposed to hard copies and albums. Some couples take a more casual approach and leave polaroid and disposable cameras on tables for their guests to capture moments with. You could also see if any friends or family members have a keen eye for photography and would like to get involved on the day. You’d be surprised at the hidden talents your loved ones hold. 

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