Researchers Just Confirmed This Lake Is The Clearest Body Of Water On Earth, But Greece Is Runner-Up

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Researchers with New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) just concluded that Blue Nelson Lake is the clearest body of water known to man (see map below). Believe it or not, visibility in the lake is up to 260-feet. That’s enough to qualify as “optically clear” — clearer than glass, in fact. But should the clarity of lakes and seas be measured by the same metrics? It seems unfair to compare, considering seas are bombarded by so much more particles, pollution, and organisms. If seas were measured for clarity in their own independent category I would bet good money that the waters of Greece would win hands down. Either way, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself on any of these bodies of water, you might want to bring along a transparent kayak. You can purchase your own glass-bottom kayak from Hammacher Schlemmer or See Through Canoe. And to see a terrific list of the 35 clearest waters you must experience, visit
Blue Nelson Lake New Zealand Clear WaterTransparent Canoe Kayak Glass BottomTransparent Canoe Kayak Glass BottomTransparent Canoe Kayak Glass Bottom(Photo of Blue Nelson Lake via; transparent kayaks via

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