How To Maintain Natural Light When Decorating Your Office

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Decorating an office to optimise productivity can be difficult, but with a number of choices on the market for blinds, computer desks and carpets, you can have the perfect office space without spending a small fortune, all whilst creating the best first impression that you can for potential clients. In this article, we will be giving you some advice on how to maintain natural light when designing your office space. You can follow these tips and do it yourself, or you can hire an interior designer to help you out with the project.

Use Blinds 

If you are looking to maintain natural light in the office the using blinds is a space-saving way of dressing the window whilst giving you the option to block out some of the natural light should you need to. Whether these are blackout blinds or a simple grey blind, this will help to allow natural light in without causing reflections on computer screens or being too bright for your employees to concentrate. You can easily get them in stores, or order online with ease for plenty of options.

Keep The Furniture A Light Colour 

Though there are a number of ways to maintain natural light in the office, keeping the furniture a light colour can help to reflect the light and keep the room looking as open as possible. By opting or a stylish walnut desk you can have the space that you need for your computer and other paperwork whilst creating a welcoming space for you and your workforce. Whether this is for an at-home office or an office space, you can create the perfect working environment by keeping the furniture a light colour. This can then be contrasted with black chairs to create a chic look for your office space. 

Choose A Light Coloured Paint 

In addition to the lightly coloured walls, it is important to keep the walls a light colour. This will help the space to appear bigger as natural light is reflected around the room. Whether you opt for a white or cream, this can help to create a blank canvas for decorations such as artwork, wall decals and even plants. By keeping with a simple colour theme, you can then change the design multiple times if you decide to rebrand and creates a work environment that encourages productivity as bright colours can be distracting. 

Use A Light Carpet 

The final way to make the most of natural light in the office space is to use a light carpet. Some carpet can absorb natural light, therefore making it difficult to keep the room feeling welcoming. By opting for a grey carpet or a cream carpet you are creating a professional-looking space that works with a number of different furniture options. This blank canvas can then be chopped and changed multiple times should you wish to change the layout or the style of furniture that you have chosen making this the perfect money-saving solution for any business. 

With this in mind, designing your perfect office space is easy with a few simple changes and some consideration into the overall colour theme. Where will you start with your design process for your office space? 

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