The Fascinating Science Behind Hair Transplants

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As today’s society grows more and more focused on appearance, everything from the way we dress to the way we do our hair can escalate into a stressful situation. For this reason, those suffering from hair loss are particularly prone to low levels of confidence and self esteem. Thanks to many scientific breakthroughs in recent years there are  now several solutions available to those with hair loss issues, including state-of-the-art hair transplants. From FUE hair transplant procedures, to PRP injections to promote a healthy scalp, the ability to surgically reverse hair loss means ‘chrome domes’ are officially a thing of the past. Here is a quick overview of some of the latest medical innovations used in hair transplants.

FUE Transplant

Undergoing an FUE hair transplant is slightly different from the more traditional FUT method. The FUE technique involves the shaving of the head and the follicles being extracted one by one, which are then implanted within the affected area. This decreases the amount of scarring following the procedure as tissue isn’t removed from the scalp. The follicle is removed from a 1mm hole to ensure that there is minimal damage to the hair follicle as a result of the FUE hair transplantation method.

FUT Transplant

Unlike the FUE method, the FUT technique is often associated with more scarring. This is due to the follicles being removed in a strip, typically located at the back of the head. Although the scar that is left is generally very thin and can be easily hidden, this will increase the time it takes to heal. Therefore, this method is not as beneficial as the FUE hair transplant as it often costs considerably more and can cause more swelling.

Celebrity Status

Several celebrities have undergone hair transplants over the course of their careers, and in turn they have destigmatized the procedure and made it less embarrassing for the average Joe to get the same procedure done. Celebs such as British football player Wayne Rooney and comedy icon John Cleese have openly talked about their own hair transplants.

Choi Implanter Pen

There are several advancements that have helped to revolutionize the process of hair transplants. However, none are as important as the Choi Implanter Pen. This device allows for the follicle to be extracted from a 1mm hole directly in the scalp, which not only means that there is only minimal scarring, but it also increases the speed of the procedure. This is partly because two professionals work on the patient at the same time; one removes the follicle from the donor area and the other implants them into the chosen area. The downtime is decreased, and the healing process is as natural as possible with minimal scarring. So, this smart tool not only allows you to access the inner hairline in the scalp and other difficult areas, but it also means that hairs can be implanted with ease and have a natural finish.

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