This Is The Surreal Turquoise Lake Where Trees Are Growing Upside Down

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If you were to watch video of the Earth’s surface on high speed, a million year’s worth of time would look a lot like a pot of boiling soup. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and other geological events mean our planet’s crust is in a constant state of motion. All this activity leads to an infinite range of strange results, including Lake Kaindy which sits high up in the Tian Shan Mountains of Kazakhstan.

It’s here where a 1911 earthquake triggered a landslide that sealed off a valley filled with fir trees. Over time that bowl filled up with rain water that never evaporated. A century later and those fir trees are now completely submerged. What makes this situation so surreal is due to the lake’s position 6,500 feet above sea level, the lake’s frigid temperatures, and the high mineral content in the water, the needles are still surviving on the branches, while the tips of the trees have become petrified and now resemble the roots.

Although the surface of the lake looks strange enough, the lake’s true jaw-dropping beauty is hidden beneath the surface. Lake Kaindy attracts scuba divers from around the world who come to see the alien-like upside down trees. If you can’t afford the airfare you can watch the incredible YouTube video below. (Photo credit: WhatAboutTravelling)

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The sunken forest of lake Kaindy is a stunning view to behold and a lovely place to relax for a picknick. In 1911, an earthquake triggered a large landslide, which formed a natural dam on the slopes of the Kungey Alatau range outside of Almaty. The imposing Shrenk spruce trees that previously formed a forest there, were now suddenly submerged in the lake that was born from the landslide. . . . #kazakhstan #kazakhstan🇰🇿 #visitkazakhstan #lakekaindy #natureofkazakhstan #centralasia #nationalgeographic #lake #sunkentrees #travel #travelbug #traveltips #travelphotography #amazingview #worldtraveler #instatravel #travelgram #instago #igtrav #traveladdict #passionpassport #igtravel #travelblog #travelphotography #traveler #solotravel #travelpics #travellife #traveldiaries #natgeo

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