The Top Rooftop Bars You Need To Visit

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Drinking and going to the bars is a universal pastime. And if you’re serious enough about it, you could raise the bar by visiting some of the best rooftop bars in the world. Experiencing it all from high up above — whether it be dancing or just drinking beer while catching some great live music — is the kind of experience that you can never forget. The question is, which ones should you go to? Here is a ranking of some of the best rooftop bars that are worth the trip anywhere in the world.

1. High Note Sky Bar at Aria Hotel, Hungary

The eye level of the High Note Sky Bar is the perfect location to view St Stephen Basilica. The rooftop is filled up with cocktail tables, daybeds and an indoor dining space. The rooftop doesn’t just give you a 360 view of the Basilica, but also the Ferris Wheel all the way to Buda Hills across the Danube River. The entire hotel pays tribute to famous Czech caricaturist Josef Blecha, and also includes the works of Franz Liszt, Maria Callas, Count Basie, Bob Dylan and many more.

2. Sir Elly’s Terrace Rooftop Bar at The Peninsula Shanghai, China

This is a popular spot for Shanghai movers and shakers. The rooftop offers a 270- degree view of various sceneries such as the glittering Huangpu River, Suzhou Creek and Pudong Skyline. The Peninsula Shanghai offers rare whiskies, and a variety of vintage Champagnes with a selection of light dishes. This is the perfect spot to watch the sunset as you sip Deutz Peninsula Brut NV.

3. Moon Bar at Banyan Tree, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand has the best of everything. It has a wide range of classy rooftops but none has the wow factor like the Moon Bar at Banyan Tree. The Moon Bar is perched in the clouds since it’s located on the 61st floor. The bar offers premium drinks with premium seafood and steaks from Vertigo restaurant. One of the classiest drinks on the menu is the Vertigo Sunset: a melody of pineapple, cranberry and pineapple juices blended with some Malibu. The rooftop offers a 360-view of the cityscape. This is the perfect spot to defy gravity.

4. L’Oiseau Blanc at The Peninsula Paris, France

Paris the city of romance, and the Peninsula Paris can ramp it up in a major way from its sixth floor. This is the perfect spot to celebrate love as you watch the Eiffel Tower and all the city’s famous landmarks. The L’Oiseau Blanc offers the typical French Cuisine. But the interior design will make your experience extra special. An interior is an actual plane which offers cocktails which are related to the decor. Some of the cocktails such as the Aviation and the Take Off pay homage to actual French pilots. For instance, French pilots Charles Nungesser and François Coli, who made the first attempt to travel from Paris to New York.

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