5 Impressive iPhone XS Max Features That Make Life Easier

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Like clockwork, Apple announces its new phones around this time every year. In fact, Apple’s annual announcement showcase is one of the biggest dates on the technology calendar. People all over the world tune in to see what the trillion-dollar company has come up with. 2018 has been no different. This year, the new Apple iPhones are the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR; three premium handsets that offer industry-leading features and impressive specs. The iPhone XS Max leads the pack though, offering the best and most lust-worthy specs of the three new phones. So let’s take a look at what helpful features it has to offer.

Bigger Storage Options

While many of us stream our favorite media, there are plenty of times when it comes in handy to have our favorite tunes, movies and TV shows downloaded. Accommodating this, the iPhone XS Max specs include bigger storage options, giving you lots more room to store your media. The iPhone XS Max comes in the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB options meaning you’re unlikely to run out of room any time soon.

This is especially helpful if you have a Netflix account and travel a lot — the platform’s download feature means you can save your data by downloading your shows on Wi-Fi instead of using your data allowance to stream them on the go. The same goes for YouTube’s new download option. Consider how many selfies you may take as well! The XS Max storage space means you (probably) won’t have to figure out what to delete just to hold everything.

True Tone Technology

One of the most frustrating things about using your phone outside is the outside lighting conditions. While it’s great fun to take selfies during summer while you’re treating yourself to an ice cream, or maybe you want to take a shot of the impressive landscape during a morning hike. But what happens if the glare from the sun means you can’t actually see whatever’s on the screen? Aargh!

You shouldn’t have to buy a special phone or accessory just to use your phone outside such as when you’re at the beach. Why buy anti-glare covers just to use your phone normally? Thankfully, the True Tone technology on the iPhone XS Max means that your display will adjust itself based on the lighting conditions. It allows your phone to measure the light of wherever you are (inside or out) and will make sure that the color and intensity of your screen are adjusted appropriately.

Large Edge to Edge Display

That True Tone technology is especially helpful considering that the iPhone XS Max has a huge screen. Its Super AMOLED display is 6.5-inches and has an edge-to-edge, notch design which means that it has almost no bezel. If you plan to watch a lot of videos on your handset, it means that the design of the phone itself won’t get in the way.

It should be noted that the iPhone XS Max was not the first phone to include the edge-to-edge notch design and it was the iPhone X that actually introduced the design in 2017. Because of this, buying a brand new iPhone XS Max isn’t the most affordable way of getting the notch screen design and you may want to consider a refurbished iPhone X instead if you’re looking to save money. Prices for the refurbished iPhone X start at $718 which is $280 (28%) less than buying brand new. It’s also $381 cheaper than a brand new iPhone XS Max so if you want the notch display specifically and you’re on a budget, you know what to do.

Fast Charging

No one really wants to run out of battery on the go, do they? It’s why we read lists full of battery saving tips and tricks , including turning off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections when we aren’t actively using them or even putting your phone on airplane mode. While these battery saving tips are useful, they shouldn’t be necessary.

With the iPhone XS Max, though, the idea is that even if you’re in a rush you’ll be able to charge your phone to a decent level. It includes fast charging which, according to Apple, will get your phone to 50% battery in 30 minutes. It even includes support for wireless charging so if you don’t even have time to find the wires at the bottom of your bag and untangle them, you’ll be able to boost your battery level.

Improved Selfie Camera

According to the BBC, the selfie can be a force for social good. The ability to show off your portrait can empower marginalized communities, helping to show off the vast diversity of the individuals in the world. Or, it can just be for vanity as you showcase your incredible contouring efforts, your grinning, smiling face, or highlight the beard you’ve been cultivating for months.

Whatever your reason for snapping a selfie though, we can all agree that it’s frustrating to have to edit your selfies meticulously or to take dozens of photos just to make sure you’ve captured your good side. The iPhone XS Max camera address that with its 7-megapixel camera reducing the “noise” of an image, improving its performance in lower light and giving your skin a softer, smoother look that reduces the visibility of your blemishes. Basically, it’s ideal for getting likes and comments on the ‘gram with minimal effort from you.

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