Top 5 Books for Effective ACT Test Prep

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Have you already enrolled for the ACT test? Then, it is time to start your preparation in earnest. When it comes to preparing for the exam, it is worth investing in some resource books that will help you in grasping the concept of the test, as well as tips you need to be successful in the examination. For the ACT test, there are many prep books that are available to you and sometimes, it can be quite daunting to select from the huge resources available. Before you make your choice, it is important that you consider your personal goals, strength and weakness areas in the different scopes of the exam, and also the budget you are willing to expend on these books. We have outlined some great prep books for the ACT test that will help you in your preparation, as well as enhance your chance of earning high scores in the exam. Remember, the whole idea of writing this test is to get you into your dream college, and with the right materials for the preparation, you can be assured of a smooth sail all through the examination period. Below are the best books that will be of the great use for your ACT test preparation.

PrepAway Test Prep Exam Questions & Training Courses

This official guide is developed by the instructors of PrepAway. It a comprehensive guide that has everything needed for your success in the exam. It contains practice tests that were designed by the same PrepAway professionals that develop the test every year. The implication of this is that you have practice questions that are very similar to the real exam ones. The book is made up of three complete practice tests, 400 online practice questions, and explanation to the answers. The Prepaway ACT Test Prep is designed to help you dissect your personal practice test scores so as to know your area of strengths and weaknesses. The book also contains some great testing strategies that include comprehensive details of each section of ACT, exam types, tips for passing the test, and common mistakes that students make during the examination. There is also a detailed hint on study timelines and how to be prepared for college.

Kaplan ACT Prep Plus – 2018

Kaplan ACT Prep Plus offers you the opportunity to study at your convenience. If you love the multimedia method of a preparation, this prep book is definitely the right choice for you. When you purchase this guide, you gain access to five complete practice tests with explanations to the answers. You also have access to numerous online resources that will help you benefit greatly from your test prep. Among the resource tools you will access by buying this book, there are drills, quizzes, video tutorials, and complete practice questions. The audio visual tutorials are taken by expert instructors and involve an intensive approach to delving into specific skills and questions of the Examsnap ACT test. The book also contains strategies utilized by both former and current students who have taken the ACT exam and have obtained perfect scores.

Guide to ACT Math by Jacob Brezinski

If you are having problem with ACT mathematics, this book is the right resource tool to help you get a hang on it. This guide simplifies the maths aspect of the test and it is the ideal prep book for everyone looking to get high scores in ACT mathematics. The book contains more than 400 practice questions and over 90 video tutorials. It is fully interactive and comes with detailed answers to all difficult and tricky ACT mathematics questions. With six different practice tests, you can easily discover and improve your areas of weakness so as to be ready for the actual examination. The prep book uses the features of the Kindle Textbook, so you can practice and take note as you study. If you prefer working with paper and pen, you can also print the geometry questions to work on. The book also provides you with a cheat sheet that you can use during your study time and you can memorize the concepts to make learning and passing the test easier for you.

College Panda ACT Essay

It is a known fact that the essay part of the ACT exam can be a bit tricky even for those who are very good in the English language in school. This prep book is designed to help you understand the ACT essay prompts. The College Panda ACT Essay offers you everything you need to know about the essay in ACT. The book contains six different examples for essay and how to effectively use them. It also detailed the concept of essay structure with sample templates that can be used for any test prompt. The guide helps you explore the different mistakes common with the students while taking the ACT exam. These mistakes have the potentials to weaken the writing skills of students thereby reducing their scores.

ACT Prep Black Book – Mike Barrett

The ACT Prep Black Book is a great option for the students who do not have high budget in investing in resource materials. The book offers some great strategies that will significantly help you in your exam preparation. It is cheap but offers amazing resource tools for your test prep. The book is unique with its broad breakdown of all the ACT question types which enable students know how to recognize each of them and be able to answer them appropriately. The guide exposes some of the traps and myths that are very common with the test. The ACT Prep Black Book contains tips and tricks for non native speakers of English on how to work through each of the exam question types.


You do not necessarily have to purchase all these books for your ACT test prep. Select a few of them and focus on studying them to pass your examination. You can also check out some great online resource tools and materials you need to earn the perfect score that will help you get into the college of your choice

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