World’s Top Two Experts In U.S.-China Relations Fear Trump’s Blunder Triggered The Thucydides Trap

by • December 7, 2016 • Charlie Rose, History, PoliticsComments (0)4108

This past weekend with President-elect Trump had a cordial phone call with the leader of Taiwan, it sent chills up the spines of many who feared Trump may have just grabbed the third rail of the geometrically complex geopolitical relationship between the U.S. and China. Everybody took a few deep breaths and gave the novice President-elect a free pass for being so new at this. Then mere hours later, Trump sent off a flurry of tweets about how China is corrupt, manipulating its currency, etc., and those cold chills turned into full-on head explosions. So why does the combination of these two gaffes make so many people so nervous? Watch as Eurasia Group President Neil Bremmer and Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass explain to Charlie Rose why this is such a terrifying mistake. There is concern that Trump may have just triggered what’s known as the Thucydides Trap. In short, he might have inadvertently just triggered war with China. For all of my favorite interviews with Ian Bremmer be sure to visit Ian Bremmer on FEELguide.

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