The Incredible Mushroom Timelapse Scene From "Planet Earth 2"

This Incredible “Planet Earth 2” Timelapse Of Mushrooms Reveals A Very Clever Funghi Survival Trick

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Even through UK nature lovers are already devouring the amazingness that is Planet Earth 2, fans in North America will have to wait until the end of January 2017 to enjoy the highly anticipated sequel to the acclaimed nature doc series. In recent weeks we’ve been given a few glimpses of what we can expect (i.e. the now famous lizard chase sequence, as well as the Canadian grizzly bear-scratching Pussycat Dolls teaser, and that mindblowing trailer of course), and today we get another terrific taste. Watch below as David Attenborough narrates a scene featuring several mushroom timelapses, including one possible theory for why mushrooms evolved to acquire bioluminescence.

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