Google’s New 1-Billion Pixel Art Camera Is Preserving Ultra-Hi-Res Images Of The Art’s Masterpieces

by • June 16, 2016 • Art, TechnologyComments (0)1847

The world’s greatest works of art will now forever be preserved in ultra-hi-res detail, capturing the tiniest of brushstrokes that go beyond the limits of the naked eye. The Google Cultural Institute developed their new 1-billion-pixel camera specifically for this purpose, and the company announced in May 2016 that they will be shipping 20 of these cameras to museums around the world to preserve the masterpieces digitally for eternity. “Many of the works of our greatest artists are fragile and sensitive to light and humidity,” Google said in their announcement. “With the Art Camera, museums can share these priceless works with the global public while ensuring they’re preserved for future generations.” (Source: Live Science)

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