AREA 17™ Redesigns The Charlie Rose Website And The Stunning Result Is Absolutely Mindblowing

by • April 11, 2016 • Charlie Rose, Design, Technology, TelevisionComments (0)2435

Since I launched FEELguide in September 2010 I’ve written more stories than I would ever want to count. But of all the sources that I’ve written through the years, no one has provided me with more inspiration than Charlie Rose. His interviews are a constant presence in my life, which means his website,, has become a major resource for me — both personally and professionally. A few years ago he relaunched his website and it was a much needed improvement, but often I would find interviews that were missing, and his search engine was a total mess.

As such a longtime daily visitor to the site, you can imagine my thrill when I opened his site today and found it had been exquisitely redesigned from top to bottom. But this is not just your average “nice” website redesign — it is award-deserving, balls-out, amazing! The search engine is brilliant, the interview archive contains long lost videos I never knew existed, and it most certainly holds treasures that I will continue to discover for years to come. Just the Tilda Swinton interviews alone are worth a toast of champagne.

So who are the geniuses responsible for the brand spankin’ new This incredible new site was redesigned and rebuilt by the amazingness that is AREA 17, a digital product agency with studios in Paris and New York. Founded in 2003, the company’s name “refers to the visual cortex of the brain where sensory data is received, patterns recognized, and images formulated.” I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the upcoming Webby Award nominations because AREA 17 deserves top prize for every category that belongs to. Kudos to everyone at AREA 17 — you’ve outdone yourselves!

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