LINKguide (April 6, 2016)

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☛ Taner Sigirtmac (above) photographed by Baldovino Barani for the latest issue of Underwear Almanac (OHLALAmag)
☛ Watch as a woman in Starbucks destroys Florida Governor Rick Scott for cutting Medicaid and Obamacare (Towleroad)
☛ Here are 10 intriguing experiences you’ll soon enjoy on your new Oculus Rift, like Virtuix Omni & Nevermind (PSFK)
☛ Experts from Microsoft and the Rembrandt Museum use data analysis to create his newest “original” painting (Kottke)
☛ The Berry makes my day with 16 of the hottest men’s butts, but if I could only pick two I’d take #6 and #11 (The Berry)
☛ Create & Think Design Studio designed this great beach house built with rocks on Taiwan’s Pacific coast (Interiorzine)
☛ This brand new single from Nite Jewel will have you singing “Boo Hoo” until the wee hours of morning (Nite Jewel)

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