Baby Bursts From Its Amniotic Sac In Amazing Video & Big Update On New Miracle Fertility Procedure

by • March 8, 2016 • Health, Inspiration, ScienceComments (0)1850

In an incredible new video a baby can be seen emerging from its amniotic sac (above). Completely unaware that it’s outside its mother’s womb, the baby can be seen yawning while still inside the sac. Moments later the doctor makes a small incision and the newborn baby bursts into the world to take its first breaths. The clip is remarkable proof of the miracle of childbirth — a miracle which some women are sadly unable to achieve. But thanks to a miraculous new uterine transplant procedure, women around the world are filled with new hope that their dreams of becoming mothers could now be one huge step closer to reality. In the NBC News report below, we meet the first woman in the United States to successfully undergo a uterine transplant, the first of at least 50,000 women in the U.S. who are prime candidates for the operation. And in another touching report, we meet a mother whose deceased baby boy’s heart she is hearing beat once again inside the chest of a young girl whose life was saved from her late son’s heart transplant.

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