I’m Hooked On Benoit Pioulard’s Stunning Cover Of Aphex Twin’s “Stone In Focus”

by • January 7, 2016 • MusicComments (0)4967

Recorded at La Berceuse in Seattle, Washington on November 21, 2015 with a guitar and magnetic tape, Benoit Pioulard proves once again why he’s one of my favorite musicians of all with his stunning new cover of Aphex Twin’s “Stone In Focus”. For the past two days at work I’ve been sweating bullets trying to wrap my head around mastering Rhino’s 3D modelling software, and after hours and hours of nightmarish hard work I think I finally had a breakthrough today. And Benoit’s music might very well have been responsible for it. Thanks Ben. You can download a free copy of the track HERE, and for all things Benoit Pioulard visit him on Bandcamp, Facebook, iTunes, and Pioulard.com. (Photo courtesy of Benoit Pioulard).

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